One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


77. Liam Imagine For Alexis

“Let’s do something fun today.” You said, watching Liam get dressed in your open closet.
He laughed, “Alright, what do you have in mind?” He pulled his t-shirt over his chest and put on a pair of running shoes.
“Well, there’s this carnival in town for a couple days…” You began, hoping Liam would catch on.
“Let’s go then!” He said, as the two of you both laughed and quickly headed out the door.
“Where to first?” He asked once the two of you entered the carnival and purchased your tickets.
“Oh my god, we have to try the Superman Supreme Saucer!” You said, excited to see the sign for the new attraction.
You rushed for to the line, him following and joining you in line.
As the service guy helped the two of you buckle in, Liam stopped you for a minute.
“Babe, I’ve got to be real for a minute. I’m a bit scared for this ride. Not a big fan of roller coasters.”
“Aww, Liam, do you want me to hold your hand?” You offered.
He laughed, “Could you?” With that, you took your hand in his, comforting him.
“And after this can I have a kiss?” He whispered in your ear, right as the roller coaster started to lunge forward.
After rewarding Liam for his bravery with a kiss, the two of you decided to keep things calm and play at the stands of games.
“How about this one?” Liam suggested, using one hand to point to the stand and the other to hold your hand.
“This was my favorite childhood game!” You exclaimed. The booth was the water shooting game in which you had to get your light to shine first.
The two of you sat at the counter as the booth owner prepared you both.
”It’s on, Payne.” You said, trying your best to imitate him.
“Bring it.” He said back, winking at you.
“I win!” He said, at as his buzzer rang before yours. You pouted your lips.
“Alright, sir what about you like? We’ve got all different kinds of stuffed animals!” He said presenting the awards to Liam.
“I’ll take the purple elephant!” Liam said, as the man handed him his prize.
“For you.” He said, giving the elephant to you.
“Liam, you don’t have to.” You protested.
“No, I don’t, but I want to.” He said smiling and giving you a kiss.
“I had a great time today.” You said.
“Well, don’t worry, we’ve still got hours to play! Let’s go!” He replied back.
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