One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


1. Harry Imagine

You were at school one day bored out of your mind. You had only two minutes of math class left before school was almost over for the summer. The bell rung and you made your way to the drama class. You sat down next to your friends as the ball rang once more. The teacher came out and congratulated you all on passing the class. As to celebrate she would have a performer perform a song for the class. As you watched your teacher step off stage you heard a familiar voice sing, but no one was on stage yet. “Baby you light up my world like nobody else,” you heard before seeing your green eyed, curly brown hair boyfriend, Harry. All of the girls in your class were fangirling and singing along. Harry jumped down the stage and took your hand into his. You were biting your lower lip and giggling while he kept singing. After the song he put down the microphone and pulled you into a warm embrace. You breathed in the scent of warmth, love and passion from his shirt. You looked up at him as you smiled widely. “What are you doing here?” you asked him whild chuckling. “Well I asked your teacher if I could surprise you and your class today and well she agreed," he said still holding you. You leaned up and kissed his lips, before everyone asked for him to sing another song. You sat back down and watched your boyfriend perform more songs.
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