One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


4. Harry Imagine For Marianne

It was the day Harry was getting back from a 4 month tour and you were getting ready to pick him up. You were wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a cute t-shirt Harry had bought you and your pink converse. Because Harry didn't like you wearing loads of makeup, you only wore a small amount of foundation with some mascara. Harry's flight was due in an hour and it took 45 minutes to get there so you set out and made sure you were on time. As far as Harry was concerned, you were at home watching tv or out shopping with friends when in actual fact, you were going to surprise him. You drove into the airport car park and walked towards the Starbucks to get a coffee and then made your way towards the arrivals section. Luckily, hardly any fans knew where Harry was so they weren't bothering you too much. Anxiously waiting, you checked your phone every minute to see if you had received any messages. The time eventually came for Harry's flight and when you saw him, you ran to him a gave him a massive hug and a passionate kiss. He whispered into your ear, "Next time, you're coming with me. By the way, I love you loads Marianne." "I love you too Hazza."
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