One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


68. Harry Imagine For Faith

-Buzz Buzzz- Your phone started ringing. You wake up to it and realize that it’s 10 in the morning. You slept in.
“Hello.” You say in your morning voice.
“Hello sleepyhead.” Harry, your boyfriend of three years, said to you while laughing.
“Hey hazza.” You say, instantly smiling. You miss him so much because he has been on tour for a few months but thankfully he is coming home in a few weeks.
You laugh and say “Thanks babe”. You get out of bed and head to the kitchen to make some breakfeast.
“What are you doing today love?” He asks you.
“I dont know. Probably hang with some friends. Do you have a concert tonight?” You ask him.
“Nahh, but I got other plans.” He said with a smile. You were a little hurt that he wasn’t trying harder to come visit you on your birthday,especially since you have not seen him in a few months, but you figured managment wouldn’t let him anyways.
“I’v got to go love, bye.” He said hanging up the phone. You didn’t even get a chance to tell him you love him becuase he hung up so fast. Weird, you thought to yourself. You end up realizing that you are going to be late for work and head to get ready. Once you get to work you see a bunch of cards at your desk from your work buddies. Everyone said Happy Birthday to you and you thanked them for the wishes. Your work phone starts to ring and you pick it up.
“Hello, this is Faith speaking.” You say in a professional voice.
“HEYYY GAL! Happy Birthday!” Your best friend said to you.
“Hahah, thanks!” You say to her.
“I’v got all the plans planned out for tonight so be ready by eight? OK?” She asks you.
“Hahah, ok sounds good.” You say to her.
“Be ready to party!” She says with a laugh.
“Hahha, ok I will.” You say back.
You worked until four and then went home to get ready. After work you stopped at a coffe shop and got something to eat. While walking back to your car you could have sworn you saw someone who looked exactly like Harry but then they ducked behind something so you just left. You went home and changed into a nice light blue party dress and curled your hair. You put a little make up on and then realized it was time to go. You hear a horn from outside and realize it was you friend. You go outside and realize that she rented a limo so all your other friends were there as well.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAITH!” They all screamed at you.
“Thanks yall!” you say with a smile.
“WHOS READY TO PARTY?!” Your friend says with laugh.
Everyone laughs and yall continue talking. It was about ten mintues into the car ride that you realized you did not know where you were going.
“Where are we even going?” You ask your friend with a laugh.
“It’s a suprise!” Right when she said that they put a blindfold on you.
“WHAT THE-” You yell at them.
“Oh just stay calm and have some fun” they say to you.
The car ride was for another twenty mintues and then yall stopped. Your friends helped you get out of the car and then led you up some steps. They opened the door and you walked in. They took off your blindfold and then “SUPRISE!” All your friends and family member screamed at you. You started laughing and realizing it was a suprise party.
“THANK YOU!” You yell back with a smile. You search hoping Harry was there but knowing he would not be. You didn’t see him and were a little sad since you missed him so much. You started talking to everyone and thanking them for coming when someone said “TIME TO OPEN A GIFT!” you relaize your friend said it as she came over to you with a huge box.
“What is that?!” You ask.
“Well open it silly!” She said to you.
You open the package and then have to open the box. The minute you open the box Harry pops out and tackles you to the floor. He looks into your eyes and says “Happy Birthday love!” He kissed you and helped you get up.
“HARRY! You’re here! I thought you couldn’t come!” You say and you look over and see the rest a the boys come out.
“Happy Birthday Faith!” They all say to you.
“Thanks guys!” You say with a smile.
“I had to come! It was your birthday! I didn’t wanna miss it! I almost missed my plane which is why I had to hang up so quickly and then you almost saw me today! I should have known you would have gone to the coffee shop! I was hiding since I got off my flight and then I see you and I had to duck.” He says with a laugh.
“More like I had to drag him down on the ground because he was staring at you!” Louis say with a laugh.
“Seriously Faith. We had to hold him back because he was gonna come over and see you!” Niall said.
“I just missed her so much! Trust me Faith it was hard to not go over and wrap you in my arms again.” He said with his cute accent.
“I missed you to! So much Hazza! Thank you for coming!” You say while giving him a kiss. Everyone yelled “GET A ROOM!” at you guys and yall started laughing. Yall continue on with the party and Harry stays by your side the whole time becuase he missed you so much. Later on, after the party, you and Harry go back to your flat you two share.
“It’s good to be home. Even if it is only for a few days.” He says with a laugh.
“Thanks for coming love.” You say to him.
“No problem Faith. Here i wrote you a song.” He starts to sing it to you while you lay in his arms and you have tears in your eyes becuase it is so beautiful. After he sang it to you, you give him a sweet kiss and say “I love you Harry.” He says “I love you to Faith.”
“You know the name of this song is Future Mrs.Styles.” He says with a wink.
You laugh and say “I love it. And the name is just right.”
“I thought so to.” He says while givng you a kiss on the cheek.
You end up laying in his arms and falling asleep to him singing the song “Future Mrs.Styles” to you. It was one of the best birthdays you ever had.
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