One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


94. Harry Imagine For Emily

Imagine you were sitting in your flat staring out the window as the rain poured down. You curled up in your blanket thinking about how much you hated the rain. One of the downsides to dating a British guy was the fact that it rained in London almost every day. You groaned as you rolled over onto your side trying to block out the sound of water. “Emily, come on, the rain’s not that bad.” Harry called to you from the kitchen. “Yes it is!” you whined. Water was cold and it made your hair frizz, why couldn’t the sun shine like it did where you were from? “No, it can be fun.” Harry said sitting down next to you. “How is cold water fun?” you asked sitting up from your depressed position on the couch. “Here, I’ll show you!” Harry said excitedly. He tried to pull you up from the couch but you refused to move. “Harry, no, I’m not going outside! I’m not moving!” you yelled refusing to budge. “Yes, you are!” Harry said cheerfully as he picked you up and swung you over his shoulder. “Harry! No!” you shouted as you hung down hitting his back. Harry just kept walking and laughing. You heard the door open and then there was cold water on your back. Harry put you down and you tried to run inside but he grabbed you by your waist and twirled you around. Harry purposely dropped you in a puddle and you shrieked at the cold. “Harold Styles!” you shouted angrily. He put his hand out to help you up and you pulled him down so he was in the puddle with you. “Oh, it’s on like donkey kong!” Harry laughed. The two of you wrestled in the puddles and flung mud at each other until you were laughing to hard to do anything else. When you finally stopped laughing Harry pulled you close and gave you a long passionate kiss just like in ‘the Notebook.’ “I’ve always wanted-” Harry started but you cut him off “you’re perfect kiss in the rain with your perfect girl.” Harry looked at you and smiled “Yep, and I finally got it. I love you, Emily.” You splashed Harry in the face and ran back inside shouting “I love you too!”
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