One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


64. Harry Imagine For Anastasia

“Harry I’m home.” you say as you walk in the door of yours and Harrys house. It had been a terrible day outside, and Harry had stayed home with Darcy,-Anne while you worked. “Kitchen love.” you hear Harry call back. You walk into the kitchen to see Harry attempting to cook dinner. You wrapped your arms around him, “Hey Harry.” “Hey gorgeous, how was your day?” He asks sweetly as he turns around and kisses your lips. “It was tiring, what about you?” “Go sit down and take a rest for a little, and mine was pretty good, Darcy-Anne and I had fun together, we went to Nialls and she played with Justin, while the boys and I worked on our new album.” Harry says as he hands you a small piece of what he was cooking, “That tastes good, so you mean Darcy-Anne had fun with Justin, not you.” you joke, “Good because that is dinner, and well uh no, I played with her too.” Harry says feeling guilty. “Harry I am joking, you’re a good father to Darcy-Anne. Speaking of whom, where is she?” you ask, “Thanks Anastasia, and Niall offered to give you and I a break, so she is with Niall tonight.” Harry says as he finishes up cooking. You smile at him, “So that’s why you’re cooking dinner?" you say winking at Harry. Harry just smiles, and you help him with fixing the table, and cleaning up a little. You and Harry sat down to a sweet romantic dinner he had prepared for the two of you, and for once you didn’t have distractions. It was nice to have time with Harry just one on one, you both finished dinner, and Harry bought out some sticky toffee pudding. “Mmmm Harry this is the best, I love you.” you say as Harry feeds you some Pudding. "I love you too Anastasia.” he says as you then feed him some. You both finish feeding each other, and both clear up, after everything is cleared up, you decide to put on a movie in your room. You chose the notebook, and you and Harry cuddled up in bed to watch the movie, occasionally kissing, and missing a few scenes. The movie had finished and you were starting to fall asleep on Harry. “I love you Anastasia.” Harry whispers sweetly in your ear. “I love you too Harry.” you say back before you fall asleep as Harry pulls the covers over you more, and you sleep in his arms.
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