"Hi, I'm Zayn Malik." Those 4 words. All it took were those 4 words to make Samantha's life complete. When she stumbles upon the famous boy band at the mall, with her friends Jillian, Carina and Lilly, her life changed - forever. But had she known that those 4 words could have also make her life miserable? Had Samantha known what secrets hid behind that irresistible face? Will she make the biggest mistake of her life? All she knows, is that nothing is torn, for now...

(Main love story between Zayn and Samantha)


1. Torn Intro

Samantha - 19 years young. Soft dirty blonde hair, with streaks of regular blonde hair, with blue-green eyes that are as beautiful as the ocean. Samantha is a funny, smart and talented girl. She loves hanging out with friends, and will be there for you if you are feeling sad, or alone.

Jillian - 19 years young. Soft brown hair, and when the light shines on it, looks like it has some blonde streaks, with beautiful brown eyes. She is a smart, funny girl and a pleasure to be around. Jillian loves to play soccer (with Samantha), and is overall a wonderful person.

Carina - 19 years young. Soft dirty blonde hair, with brown eyes that shine in the sunlight. Carina is a fashionable, funny and stylish girl. She loves to fool around with her friends and always knows how to cheer you up if you're feeling sad.

Lilly - 19 years young. Soft dirty blonde hair, with eyes as blue as the sea. She is a stylish, athletic and funny girl. Lilly is a joker and loves to play games on her friends, like Carina, and is overall an amazing person to be friends with.


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