"Hi, I'm Zayn Malik." Those 4 words. All it took were those 4 words to make Samantha's life complete. When she stumbles upon the famous boy band at the mall, with her friends Jillian, Carina and Lilly, her life changed - forever. But had she known that those 4 words could have also make her life miserable? Had Samantha known what secrets hid behind that irresistible face? Will she make the biggest mistake of her life? All she knows, is that nothing is torn, for now...

(Main love story between Zayn and Samantha)


2. To The Mall

"Thank you for showing me who you are underneath, no, thank you I don't need another heartless misery! You think I'm doing this to make you jealous! I know that you hate to hear it, but this is not about you anymore." I sing along to Taken by One Direction. "QUIET DOWN OVER THERE!" my mom yells from the kitchen. All I'm doing is singing, like really. She like totally doesn't understand me, like really. I turn the music off and go into the kitchen, where I find my mom making sandwiches. "Mom, me, Jillian, Carina, and Lilly are gonna go to the mall today, ok?" I ask her, when she's probably gonna say no anyway. "Well, ok. Thanks for asking before you made plans." she replies sarcastically. I hate when she does that. UGH! Finally, at least I get to hang out with my friends. I meet up with Jillian at Carina's house. Carina's gonna drive us there. Lilly is meeting up with us once we get there. "Hey girl!" I say as I walk into her house. I see that Jillian is already there, and they're both ready to go. "Ugh, what took you so long!" complains Carina. I lied to her saying that my mom made me clean up my room before I left. I actually just couldn't decide on what to wear. Once we got there, we saw Lilly standing outside the door, waiting for us. She looked annoyed, like she was ready to punch someone. "Let's go!" said Jillian, sounding really enthusiastic. Right when we got in there, I went straight to the phone case cart. I really needed a new phone case, and the other day I saw the cutest one. It had a picture of Zayn on it and it said "Keep Calm and Marry Zayn" I just HAD to get it. Luckily, it was still there, so I paid for it, and put it on my phone. I was so happy! Jillian bought the one with Louis on it, Carina got the one with Liam, and Lilly got the one with Harry. We were all so happy with our cute new phone cases. After that, we realized that we needed new dresses for the party we were going to on Friday. Lilly said that she saw this really cute dress at this one store, so we went there, and we all got our dresses. I got a red (Zayn's favorite color) strapless dress that goes down to my knees. Jillian got a really cute red (Louis' favorite color) dress with sparkles. Carina got a strapless dress with sparkles that is purple (Liam's favorite color). Lilly got the dress she saw in the store earlier. It's an orange (Harry's favorite color) dress that goes down to her knees. We needed new shoes too, so we went to the store we always get new dress shoes. I already knew that I was obviously going to get some kind of heels. Right as we were on our way to that store, that's when we ran into them.

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