"Hi, I'm Zayn Malik." Those 4 words. All it took were those 4 words to make Samantha's life complete. When she stumbles upon the famous boy band at the mall, with her friends Jillian, Carina and Lilly, her life changed - forever. But had she known that those 4 words could have also make her life miserable? Had Samantha known what secrets hid behind that irresistible face? Will she make the biggest mistake of her life? All she knows, is that nothing is torn, for now...

(Main love story between Zayn and Samantha)


3. The Encounter

All we were doing is walking along to the shoe store, when we saw them. There they were. 5 British/Irish hotties shopping at a mall in the middle of nowhere. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, I would've never thought this day would come. There, right across the mall, was the famous One Direction. The band with sold-out concerts, a #1 album, and millions of fans dying to meet them. In this mall, out of every other mall in the world, they came here.They were walking towards us too. I saw Zayn looking in my direction and giving a small smile. I was excited, nervous and many other things, so I just smiled back and made a small wave. Jillian was tapping me on the shoulder, saying "OMG OMG OMG is that 1D? OMG Boobear is smiling at me!" I could see Carina and Lilly, they weren't freaking out as much as Jillian. But Harry and Liam were smiling at Lilly and Carina. Carina was doing the same as me, smiling back and waving, but Lilly was giving a flirty smile and wave. We passed right up each other and Lilly "accidently" bumped into Zayn, just to get them to notice us. Of course she had to make Zayn fall, and she acted like it was all an accident. She was saying sorry like a million times, but I'm pretty sure they bought it. On his was up from falling, I caught Zayn winking at me. "Hi. I'm Zayn Malik. But you probably already know anyway." he said, catching a glimpse at my new phone case. "Hi, I'm Samantha. Sorry about Lilly bumping into you." I said, knowing that he knew that I liked him. He was cute in pictures, but when you actually met him, up in person, he looked way hotter in person. (Well, obviously). He said, " Hey, can I get your number?" I was shocked at first, but I wrote it down on a little sheet of paper I had in my purse. "Can I get yours too? So, I know what number is yours?" I asked back, sounding a little weird. He handed me a small sheet of paper with a phone number on it. "Thanks." I replied.  Meanwhile, Jillian and Louis were really hitting it off, holding hands, laughing together. It's like they were meant for each other. Lilly and Harry were getting along, nothing too serious though. And Carina and Liam exchanged numbers, and really hit it off. "Ok, well we better get going." said Lilly, ending all the fun. "We do have to get our shoes and the rest." I was sad, that I had to leave Zayn, but he told me that we could get together sometime soon. We said our good-byes and left.


Hey guys! Thanks for reading my fanfic, Torn. So, Niall isn't getting left out or anything, cause I will have Niall hook up with someone later on in the story, it's just that I would've included a character for Niall's girlfriend, but I figured 5 people would be too many. But later on I promise that Niall will have a girlfriend. Ok, thanks, bye!

-Samantha, author and inspiration of Torn



























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