"Hi, I'm Zayn Malik." Those 4 words. All it took were those 4 words to make Samantha's life complete. When she stumbles upon the famous boy band at the mall, with her friends Jillian, Carina and Lilly, her life changed - forever. But had she known that those 4 words could have also make her life miserable? Had Samantha known what secrets hid behind that irresistible face? Will she make the biggest mistake of her life? All she knows, is that nothing is torn, for now...

(Main love story between Zayn and Samantha)


8. Movies

Jillian's POV (Point of View)

So me and Louis decided that we were going to go out to a movie instead of going to dinner. And Lilly and Hazza can't come, because Lilly has a cheer competition and the boys have a party to go to, but Louis chose me over the party. So sweet and nice of him! So anywayz, Lilly is over right now, and she helped me pick out my outfit, and is driving me to the movies. Louis and I are gonna see Breaking Dawn Part 2! I love Louis, and I love Twilight, so this is gonna be awesome!!

J: Lilly, lets go!

L: Kay!

Yes!! I can't believe this is really happening! I am going on a date with the Louis Tomlinson! He has been my love like forever! I just hope he can't tell that I'm in a bad mood, because of my and Sammie's fight... It just breaks my heart that she did that... 

L: We're here!

J: Already? Okay, thanks for the ride, and good luck at your competition!

OMC! Louis is standing there waiting for me. Awww, he already bought the tickets! OMC he's wearing his striped shirt with the suspenders, and red pants!!! He looks so cute! As I walk in, I can tell that he can't wait either. I am kinda in a bad mood though. I just hope he really doesn't notice.

L: Shall we?

Aww! I missed his accent for so long!

J: Okay!

Arm in arm, we walked towards the theater. He had gotten the popcorn too! How sweet! I had heard that this one was supposed to be the best in the series! We entered our theater.

L: Where do you wanna sit? There's no one here...

J: Let's sit in the very back, so no fans go crazy when they see you...

L: Ok

We got into the back, which was awesome, because they had a table with the seats in the very back. We set our drinks and the popcorn on the table, and rested our feet on the table. We made it just in time. The movie just started.

(30 minutes into the movie)

L: How do you like it so far?

J: It's good. Probably is the best one in the series...

L: Why do you sound so sad?

J: Oh, it's nothing.

L: C'mon, tell me Jillian. What's wrong?

J: Well, it's just that... you know my friend that likes Zayn?

L: Uh, yeah. What's her name?

J: Samantha.

L: Oh yeah. Go on...

J: So, me and Sammie have been in a small fight, because she talked about me behind her back, and then she said that Lilly was talking too, but Lilly was only agreeing because she was afraid to defend me.

L: Oh...

J: And I just feel so bad about it. Making a big deal out of it... I feel like everything she said is true...

I start to tear up, but I fight back the tears.

J: Am I really all of those things that she said? I just feel like she was right...

L: Don't believe her Jillian. You are a good person and no one can tell you otherwise.

J: But, I just want to be her friend again, but she probably won't accept my forgiveness... I miss getting to be able to tell her everything that was happening, and other things like that. I know I overreacted about this, and I really want her back.

I can't hold them in anymore. I started crying, and I just felt terrible.

L: I am a vampire. I glitter in the sun and I have creepy red eyes.

He tried talking slow and dramatically, and it sounded terrible, but totally sexy. I couldn't help it, and I laughed through my crying. Now I was crying tears of happiness.

L: Don't worry Jillian. You are very smart, nice, kind, funny,  and very beautiful. Don't let anyone be able to tell you that you aren't.

J: You sure?

L: Positive.

We just continued to watch the movie after that. He cuddled up with me, and we watched it. I realized something during that movie. I had found the one. He knows how to cheer me up when I'm feeling sad, and understands me. He is the only boy I know that I can easily be sensitive around, and can talk to me about things.

(Movie is now over)

He kisses me on the cheek.

L: Just remember, I will always be your Edward, and you will always be my Bella.

J: Aww. Thank you Louis.

Next thing I know, he leans in, and he kisses me passionately. I hug him, and he hugs back. I texted my mom saying the movie was over, and she was ready outside.

J: Bye Louis!

I said as I hugged him goodbye.

L: Bye Jillian!


Hey guys! So, I hoped you liked this chapter, and the previous one.

-Samantha (bradfordbadgurl4)

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