Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


2. Chapter Two


Harrys POV: I stand on the stage waiting for my name to be called. The man puts his clipboard down. I blink hard. I didn't make it. We are dismissed and everything after that is a blur. I am snapped back to reality when I am called back to the stage with 4 other boys. On the other side of the stage are 4 girls. I look around confused. What's going on? Are we out or not. That's when they tell us we can go through as a band. Excitement runs through me as I jump up yelling hugging the other boys which I don't even know. That night I called up Amber.

" I made it!" I scream into the phone. I can hear her scream on the other side.


" Oh my god Harry! You so deserve this!"


" Yeah I was put in a band. That was the only condition."


"Are you okay with that?"


" I have to be."


" True. Oh Harry! I am so excited. You better remember me when you are a big super star and I am at some store selling cheese." I grin wishing I could see her face. I miss her already.


" I saw you went on a date with a girl." I can hear the amused expression in her tone.


" Yeah it was set up. It was nothing."


" She was cute. Maybe you should hold onto her?"


" I don't like her." It just pops out.


" Ah. Oh I see what is going on."

She did? I didn't know what I was saying! For some reason I feel nervous when I have no reason to.


" You ARE gay!" I laugh.


" Yeah Amber I am gay." I say sarcastically.


" I am only saying that because Nina hates me because she knows you lied to her."


" Oh darn." I say jokingly.


" Yeah well you dont have to deal with her." I shake my head.


" Enough about me. So do you know these guys?"


" Only their names. Uh Louis, Niall, Liam, and Uh Zayn. We are going to my dads bungalow next week to get to know eachother."


" Fun."


" Yeah. 5 teenage boys what could possibly go wrong."


" You will be kicked off the show by the end of the week." Amber jokes.


" Very funny. But I don't think so. I mean they all seem kind of quiet."


" Wow...they couldn't be more different to you."


" Hey! I can be quiet!"


" Can be being the keyword. Your just not quiet." I know she is smirking. The little devil.


" I miss you Zazy." I lean against the wall.


" I miss you to Coal."


" Why can't you call me Amb or something like that? Why you call me Coal you make me sound like a boy."


" Aren't you?" I reply in a mock surprised tone. I can hear her yawn.


" Do you have to go?" I ask her.


" I’m  sorry I want to talk to you but I am so tired!" She wines.


" Go get your sleep."


" Thank you."


" Bye Amb." Even though I can't see her I know she is smiling.


" Bye Zazy."

That next week was hilarious. I was wrong about the boys. They all had a crazy side. Especially Louis. I hit it off with him immediately. He could make anyone laugh. We tried to practice for Spain but we really just wanted to get to know each other. Each of them had their own personality.
Liam: He is sensible and smart. He has only one kidney but i think he is the healthiest one out of all of us. He it super fit, and know how to box. I learned that when I dared him into a fighting match. Yeah I gave up when he got me in a headlock.
Niall: He is Irish and find everything absolutely amazing. He is constantly laughing or singing. He also plays guitar which comes in handy when we were singing.
Zayn: He is kind of quiet but when he came out of his shell he was a really fun guy. His voice is amazing like all of the others guys. He can draw too. I keep catching him staring at himself in the mirror.
Louis: He is constantly telling some kind of joke. He makes a serious situation funny. If I ever get Into some kind of accident I want Louis there so it won't seem so bad. Out of all the boys I have bonded with him the most. I think he feels the same way about me.
Going to Spain was amazing. Louis stung his foot but he kept a smile on his face. When Simon aside we were threw...there are no words to describe how that moment felt. We were all emotional and just plain excited.
Ambers POV: I stare at my phone. Harry is finally coming home. We are throwing a surprise party for him, and he should be here later today. They placed 3rd. Harry and his band One Direction. I hope he doesn't think I am going to change how I act around him because he is kind of famous now. I mean everyone asks me about him. The thing is...he barely calls me. When he does, he never asks about me. Just talks about what funny things he and "the boys" do. He says they do video diaries and I watched them at first but I shouldn't have to do that just so I can see my best friend. I doubt whether he will even talk to me tonight. I text him so much, call him. I have texted him about 10 times today already and still no reply. Everytime I look at my screen it hurts. Suddenly I get a call. I jump to answer it. It's Gemma.


" So are you going to get you butt down here or what?"


" I uh think I have erm a cold! Yeah really bad. Contagious!"


" You even sound like Harry. But you know you can't lie to me right? And you are l-y-I-n-g."


" No I am not!"


" Your lying again! What is this about?"


" Did Harry call you?"


" What?"


" Today. These past ten weeks has he replied to your texts and calls?"


" Yes...he isn't to you is he?" She sounds disappointed. Yeah I am too Gemma!


" No. Do you know if I did anything?"



" Ask Harry. In the meantime, help us with setting up. You promised."


She ends the call. Great! Just great. I guess this means I won't be getting any answers tonight.
***** Ambers POV: I hide behind the couch. My stomach is killing me because I haven't eaten anything and I am also really nervous. That is to be expected though. I haven't seen my so-called-best-friend in 10 weeks.
" He is pulling up!" Anne squeals. At least she is excited. I put a smile on and wait in the dark as Harry opens the door. He walks around in confusion when we all jump out and yell " Surprise!"
Our eyes meet instantly. He glances away quickly and hugs his mother, and his sister and basically everyone but me. Anne says it's time to eat and I just sit, alone, on the couch. Suddenly someone taps my shoulder. Harry. His green eyes glint with happiness and humor. It's almost like before. I pull him quickly into a huge hug before he can get away. I breathe in his familiar scent, a cologne I bought him when I was 10. He has been using the same scent ever since. He still hasn't changed it.

" I missed you so much." He whispers as he starts to pick me up, spinning me around.


" I missed you more." I whisper back.


" I don't think that is possible." All worries about him and me drift away. I hug him even tighter not wanting to let go but after one last squeeze I untangle myself from him. He emerald eyes stare straight into mine. It is funny. Out eyes are the same color, people sometimes mistake us for being sibling because we were always together and had the same eyes. If you look close enough though you can see the difference. While his hair is a dark brown mine is a more blondish/brown. Our structure is very different too. He has a long torso and legs while I have a shirt torso with very long legs. I am 5"6' so it helps to be a tall girl when your best friend is a boy. I am snapped back to reality when he starts to speak.


" Can we talk later. It's written all over your face  I have some things to explain."


" You think?" He grins and squeezes my hand making my heart beat fast. Wait why is my heart racing? Why do I have butterflies? Ok Amber just calm down. There is a reasonable explanation that isn't...what I think it is. Food. I am just hungary. Yup it's food time.
***** I sit on Harrys desk in his old room while he sits in the chair. I raise my eyebrow.

" I was ignoring your calls." What?


" Because I knew if I answered them I would just get in a car to go see you. That's also why I never let you talk about your life." Okkkk.


" But you answered you family's calls."


" But your my best friend and it is so weird talking to you and not seeing you face. All I wanted was to talk to you. You don't know how bad I felt."


" But you were coming home today and you didn't answer my texts." He checks his phone. I can see every text I sent since he left.


" I didn't get any." I check my own phone.


" Oops. I put them in my drafts." My cheeks burn in embarrassment. He smiles softly and sits next to me.

" I am sorry." He puts his arm around my waist. Looking into his eyes right's hard to deny I want to kiss him. Yup I want to kiss my bestfriend. I think that is the weirdest thing I have ever thought. But even as I think it I feel myself leaning in closer. Closer. I can feel his breath on my lips. Then I softly push mine onto his...

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