Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


3. Chapter Three


Ambers POV: Harry slips his hand on my back pushing me closer to him and I wrap my arms around his neck. Then all of the sudden his head jumps back.

" Oh my god." I jump of the table, my cheeks as red as it is physically possible.

" Amber..."

" Harry..." We say eachothers names at the same time.

" you like me?" I have to ask it.

" No! you like me." The reasonable thing would be to say No. But the crazy thing is... I do. In a weird way... Not in a Omg I like him so
Much way but a wow-that-was-a-great-kiss way.

" I don't know." My voice shakes. His eyes bug out of his head. Before he can say anything I rush out and leave.
Harrys POV: I just stand there, staring at the door. What do I do? I. Don't. Like. Her. I mean I liked the kiss, but she is my best friend. I have never thought of her in that kind of way before. She looked unsure herself if she liked me. I sit on my bed, my legs weak. What am I going to do? Does she like me? I mean she said "I don't know." not " No"! I can feel my heart beating faster then time itself, and all I can just sit there.
Ambers POV: I stare and the piece of paper in my hands. My internship came through. I am working for SYCO. I am also going to be going on the tour with One Direction. Apparently it is good practice. I applied for the internship when Harry applied for the X-Factor. I guess my convection to him got me place with his band. I don't even know their names! And now with this whole thing with Harry... All I feel is rejection. I like Harry as crazy as it is. But he doesn't feel that way about me so I will just have to tell him...I don't know. Something. I am supposed to be packed and ready to go by tomorrow. That's some notice. I climb into the attic and pull down my suitcase. My parents already know. I am going to be finishing my studies outside of school. I start to pack everything I have that is in good shape. Which is basically nothing. Having a best friend that is a boy as well as having an older brother ( though he is in collage) means you are a Tom boy. Basically nothing I have will work for this job. I guess I will have to do some shopping (bleh). I glare at my phone as it rings. Gemma. Crap, did he tell her?
I reluctantly pick it up.

" Hi."

" Someone is grumpy." I can hear the amusement in Gemmas voice.

" I shouldn't be."

" Why?"

" I got an internship with SYCO. I am going on the X-Factor tour."

" Congratulations! We are going to miss you so much. I guess that means you will be traveling with Harry?"

" Ding ding we have a winner."

" He told me about last night."


" I guessed that."

" Is that why you are in a grumpy mood."

" Yes." Silence. Can she tell I like him?

" What are you going to do?"

" Honestly. I wish I could tell him that it meant nothing, and that be the truth. But it isnt. My choices are to lie or to tell the truth and suffer the consequences."

" I am so sorry Amber."

" Hey right now I just hate myself for being such a girl!"

" Hey! I'm a girl."

" Yeah but you didn't just screw things up for you and your bestfriend!"

" Look. Right now...don't tell him you lime him. Tell him you don't. Maybe you are just convincing your self you do because you were in a moment last night."
It makes sense.

" I am gonna come over. Is that okay?"

" Sure you do it all the time anyways without asking." Gemma laughs and hangs up. I walk outside into the cold damp air and across the street. Gemma opens the door and I walk up to Harrys room and just open it. Harry is writing something and then he looks up at me, panic flashing across his face. He starts to open his mouth but I am quicker.

" Shut up and listen for a moment." His jaw just hangs open.

" I don't like you okay. It was just a thing of the moment."
Relief washes across his face and he awkwardly comes over.

" Ok." He says simply.

" Do you just want to forget that it even happened?" I sat with a laugh.

" I don't know. It was a pretty good kiss...for you know a girl like you." He grins his eyes casting an evil glint. I punch him in the arm.

" And what is that supposed to mean?"

" Nothing." I decide to shake it off. Suddenly I remember my acceptance letter.

" I have something to show you." I say in a sing-song voice. he grins.

" What." I take out the letter and put it in his hands. He skims over it and when he looks up I know him and me are okay because he grabs me off the bed pulling me into a bear hug.

" I was excited but now I am...enthusiastically excited." I give him a questionable look. He smiles.

" I can't  wait to introduce you to the boys."

" Me neither." I smile. Was this all it took? Maybe me and Harry would be okay.

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