Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Ambers POV: I load my suitcase into the bus, immediately greeted by 4 very hyper boys, plus Harry. Harry gave me an apologetic look at they crowd around me saying hi and smirking at Harry.

“Um personal space circle. You guys are in it." I smile tightly as I drew an imaginary line around me. They take a few steps back and Harry grins. A blond boy, the shortest, smiles at me and shakes my hand.

“Hi I am Niall." He has a thick Irish accent. Hot.

The next boy is one of the tallest and is a bit buff. Also he has an adorable smile as he gives me a big hug.

“I am Liam."

The next has dark hair with dark eyes, he has a shy smile as he give me an awkward handshake.

“I am Zayn." I smile at him.

Then I see Louis start to come towards me, his arms open about to hug. For some reason I don't want to do that.

“And you are Louis." I take a step back, and I can see the hurt flash across his face. He looks back at Harry and Harry shrugs. That's when I know. I don't like Louis. He took my best friend. I partly blame him for Harry not calling me, no matter what Harry says. Louis gives me a small smile and stays frozen where he is.

“So let's get a move on." I smile awkwardly and look around. There is a kitchen/dining area, bunks next to that (I count 6 meaning I'll be sleeping with them) and then a recreational room. I put my bag on the top bunk, right above Harrys. It is the only one open; they must have done that on purpose. I look at the bottom bunk. I can see a laptop logged on to Louis. Of course. Uh I can't believe I am judging him! I am not that kind of girl but I can't help it! I look at the other bunks. The bottom one is filled with crumbs. The middle one is logged onto twitter, Liam's, so that is his bunk. The top bunk is filled with sheets of paper and pencils. I grin.

" So one of you just ate and the other likes to draw." I look at Niall and Zayn. Niall grins holding up a bag of biscuits. Zayn blushes and looks at the ground.

“So you’re the eater and you’re the artist?" I point to Niall and then Zayn. They nod. Zayn meets my eyes and I say, “Maybe you could teach me? To draw?" After I think he is mute he speaks, “Yeah that would be cool." I love his accent.

Harry eyes me and Louis. He must not like the fact I brushed him off. I am not budging though.

“Hey Louis can you show Amber the game room?" I can hear the annoyance in Harry’s voice. I glare at him. Louis though, didn't get the vibe.

“Sure!" He hooks his arm through mine. Once we are in the room and the door is closed I shove him off. I can't help it but I don't like his goofy face.

“Did I do something to upset you?" I can tell he is trying to be nice but I can hear the annoyance in his voice.

“Why do you care?”

“Are you mad at me because I and Harry are close?”He starts to laugh but covers it up with a cough and his hand. I glare at him brushing past him.


“Did he ever talk about me?" My voice cracks. He looks at the floor.

“That’s what I thought." I storm out.

Harrys POV: I watch Amber settle onto the couch a look of hurt on her face. What is going on with her? It's only our first day and she has managed to pick a fight with my best friend...well one of my best friends. This is weird... Louis comes out; he obviously found whatever she is upset about amusing. Amber notices his expression too, more dirty looks from her. If we weren't on the road I am pretty sure she would be long gone. The rest of the boys though don't pick up on it. Niall finishes his sandwich and licks his lips while Liam wipes his fingers. Zayn is drawing something...he looks up occasionally so I am guessing it is something in this room...maybe me. I sit next to her opening up a chat.

Harry: Wut happened?

Amber: .....

Harry: Come on! Please tell me.

Amber: If I do you will laugh!

Harry: I promise I won't.

Amber: You forget I know when you’re lying.

For emphasis she looks up from her phone to look at me.

Harry: Ok I will try not 2 laugh!

Amber: Fine. I feel like he stole you from me. Like he is your best friend and...Not me.

I sit there. That is crazy! Right? Anyways she has no right! I get up and go to the game room, leaving her staring at me.

Ambers POV: I swallow. Hard. He was mad at me. What for though? I bite my lip trying not to cry. I. Do. Not. Cry! Zayn looks up and sits next to me.

" Hey." he whispers. I smile at him. Or at least what I think is a smile.

" Hi."

" I need your phone number. We are going to be together 24/7 now so..." He smiles at me shyly.

I grab his phone out his hand and give him mine. He punches his phone number and I do the same. He looks at his paper, which is turned over. He slides it to me. Is this what he has been drawing? I flip it over. I gasp.

It is me. Except this girl is more beautiful than me. But it is me.

I look at him.

“You drew this." I state more then ask.

" Yeah...well...yeah. I like to draw people." He grins at me. Niall sits on Zayns lap looking at the picture.

" Cis is beeutifool!" he says, his mouth full of something. Liam shakes his head, laughing with me. Harry told me Liam was the dad of the group. Daddy Direction as the fans calls it. Well the name fits him well. I don't see Louis around, so he must be talking to Harry. I should be the one in there, not him.

****** " Wooo!" The boys scream as they come out of the dressing room. The show went well. Like every show for the past 3 weeks. I look up at Harry. He gives me an awkward smile. Well that's an improvement. He has been avoiding me since I yelled at Louis for switching my shaving cream with whipped cheese (I didn't even know that existed) and stopped up the drain after I sprayed it all over myself. He got the mistaken idea I thought it would be funny. Harry stood up for him because he thought I wouldn't have done that if Harry had it. Harry was wrong. That was a little too far considering that fact that they had to get a plumber to open up the drains again so I was stuck with cheese all over me for 3 hours. Niall and Zayn had taken my side though. Liam, the guy he is, refused to take a side. I was getting pretty close to Niall, Zayn, and Liam. They were so sweet and funny. I even got to do a twitcam with Liam. Zayn has been teaching me how to draw faces so we have been using Niall as a model. It is pretty difficult because he is stuffing his face every 3 seconds. Liam has been distracting me from my Harry troubles with Disney movies. For someone so mature he is such a kid. He is also very helpful in keeping track of the boys. My job is to keep the boys on schedule, so Liam makes sure they listen to me. My other problem is the fact I am starting to like Louis. I mean I don't hate him anymore. The thing is Harry will find that hypocritical, and hate me even more.

I fall into step beside Zayn.

" I am going to apologize to Louis." Zayn grins at me.

" Really? He usually doesn't like it is someone can't take a joke but he understands how important you are to Harry and really wants to make it up to you." I smile at him.

" Well I will talk to him privately when I can."

" I can send you guys on an errand run if you like." He nudged me and I can't help but hook my arm through his. He has been so amazing.

" That would be great!"

*** 30 minutes later I am sitting next to Louis on our way to Nandos. He looks at me nervously. As we pull up into the parking lot I tell him not to get out. He gives me a questionable look.

" It's okay. I am not going to yell at you. I just want to talk."

He smiles turning towards me.

" So what do you want to talk about?"

" First I want to apologize for how I have been acting. It is hard to see my best friend be so close to another person. Maybe even closer now." He nods.

" Hey I understand. And I am sorry about the cheese thing. Harry told me you pull pranks

All the time and I guess I got carried away." I grin at him.

" It's okay. All in the past. And I shouldn't have  yelled at you like that. "

" Like you said all in the past. And I am sorry that this has come between you and Harry. Do you want me to talk to him?"

I shake my head.

" No. I have to explain. I just don't understand why he is mad at the fact I was jealous of you."

" He just feels a bit guiltily I guess."

" Yeah well I guess I will find out soon enough.”

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