Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Harry's POV: I have never seen Louis so angry. I just told him what happened.

" She is Zayns now Harry! If they weren't starting to date kissing would be okay! But not now!"

" Ive got that now."

" No! I don't think you do! Harry, you can't just take a girl from someone else when you feel like it!" Louis voice cracks.

" Because how can I trust you when I get a girlfriend?" He finishes.

" Louis I would never..."

" But you did to Zayn. I doubt whether he will speak to you now." With that Louis storms out. I collapse on the couch. How had I screwed up so badly?

Ambers POV: The next 3 weeks were awkward and horrible. Harry tried to apologize about a billion times but neither of us wanted to talk to him. Neither did any of the boys. Not even Louis. Harry isn't around when we are not rehearsing or playing. I miss him so much. All I want is to have our friendship back. It seems even that will never happen. On the good note, tonight is me and Zayns first date. He wanted it to be perfect so he took 3 weeks to make sure it was. I pull out my special suitcase. The one filled with things I though I would never use, make up & dresses. But now it seems right. Zayn won't tell me where we are going but he wants it to be special so he is making us dress up a bit. I pick out a dark blue dress and black wedges. I put on a heart shaped necklace with a Simons in the middle. Zayn gave it to me last week. Then I take out my makeup bag. None of the stuff has been used. I went through a lot of make up tutorials on you tube and picked out the right look. Red lip stick, smoky brown eye shadow ( it will bring out my green eyes) and a light blush. Not too much, not too little. After 30 minutes I am content and step out of the tiny bathroom. I grab my back fitted blazer in case it gets chilly and step outside. Zayn is leaning against the bus, dressed in a black button down shirt and black trousers. He looked so handsome.

" Are you planning to become a ninja?" I joke. He turns around and then does one of those cliche double takes.

" You look beautiful." He whispers his voice husky.

" You don't look to bad yourself." I grin. He takes my hand and leans me around the other side of the bus. He whistles and a limo comes pulling up. I gasp.

" Zayn! A limo?"

" Yes. Now put this on." He hands me a Blue tie. It is the same color of my dress.

" I am going to put it on later." He whispers.

" How I'd you know what I was wearing?"

" I didn't. I knew you liked this color. Now...put it on." He grins.

" Well someone is being bossy." I say in a fake annoyed tone, but I tie it around my head and I let him guide me into the limo. Once we are in the car pulls smoothly off.

" So where are we going."

" You will just have to wait and see."

" Aw come on! Please tell me!"

" Nope." Even though I can't see him I know he is grinning at me. I feel around for his hand and grip it tightly.

" I am so happy to be here with you." I turn to where he is.

" I am happy your with me." He slips his hand around my waist as he says it sending chills up my spine. It is all I can do not to shiver. I have never been this close to a boy before. Except Harry. Forget Harry. I focus on Zayn. Suddenly thee car stops. He leads me out of the car and slips my blindfold off. I gasp. I look at the beautiful lake in front of me. The sun is setting over it setting off a orangey red glow. On the dock stretching out into the water is a table and two chairs. It is truly perfect.

" Zayn...this is...indescribable!" I feel him pull me close. I look up at him to see him softly staring down at me.

" You like it?"

" I love it!" He blushes. I take the blue blindfold from his hands and flip up his collar. Then I slowly tie his tie. When it is done I smooth it over staring into his eyes. I stand on The tip of my toes and slowly close my eyes. Then there is a loud bang. I look behind us to see someone lying on the ground under a tree. Me and Zayn shoot off. As we get closer the person gets up. He gets up. Suddenly we are only a few feet away and I can see clearly who it is. Harry. With binoculars around his neck. His face is red and his eyes are panicked.

" Were you spying on us?" I say in a delay low whisper.

" Amber..."


" Yes! I was!" I bite my lip trying to keep my tears from flowing. I was planning on letting

Him explain tomorrow. Planning on forgiving him. But this combined with the is too much. Run up to him and kick him in the groin as hard as I can. He is on the ground groaning in seconds.

" What ever friendship we could have had is gone! I can't trust you Harry!" With that I run back to the limo and sob. When Zayn gets in I try to dry my tears but the angry look on his face makes me cry more. Why do I cry so much now.

" Who is he?" I whisper.

" I don't know..." He replies.

Harrys POV: I bolt out of bed as a bucket of water is poured on me.

" What the heck Liam!" I yell. I shouldn't have. Liams face is angry. The thing you have to understand is Liam NEVER get angry. So pouring water on someone is pretty angry.

" Zayn told you..."

" Yes! Harry what has gotten into you!"

" I dont know Liam! All I can think about is her! When I heard they were going on a date I couldn't stop myself!"

" All it takes is a little self control!"

" I have tried. I have been staying away. But I cant anymore!"

" Why?"

" Because...because...because..."

" Because what?"

" BECAUSE I LOVE HER!" Liam falls onto Nialls bunk hitting his head.

" What....?" He whispers his eyes wide.

" I love her..." My voice catches.

" Harry...I seriously don't know what to say. I believe you when you say you do. But you CAN NOT do this. You will lose her for good if you haven't already."

" I know."

" The best you can hope on is going back to bring her best friend. She talks to us, but not the way she used to with you." I nod my eyes tearing up.

" If you love her. You will wait for her."

" Waiting for her it is."

*** 3 hours later I have just finished explaining my feeling to the rest of the boys. Including Zayn. They all understand but I know Zayn is awkward. I made it clear though I am not going to try to steal her.

" I have never been so sorry in my life." I say finishing my long apology/ explanation. They all nod.

" It is going to take a lot for her to forgive you." Zayn says quietly.

" I know."

" So your going to have to he honest with her. Like you have been with us." He finishes ignoring my interruption.

" I think telling her I love her will just drive her away." I object.

" Maybe, but at least she will know how you feel, and then be able to figure out how to deal with it."

I nod. I can barely meet his eyes. All the guilt I hadn't felt before comes crashing on my shoulders, almost overwhelming. But I have to explain to Amber. I can't lose her. Not now, not ever.

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