Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Ambers POV: I watch the boys jump around on stage. They are so full of energy. I wish I could sing like them too. They are pretty amazing. They take a break to talk to the crowd.

" May I have everyones attention." Zayn says to the crowd. I laugh. He already has their attention. He pulls out a dozen roses.

" I have had a huge crush on a girl for a while now and I haven't known how to ask her out. So I thought what better way then to ask her out here. Do you guys think that's romantic." The crowd screams and I look around for someone that he might Like.

" Amber Smith can you please join me on stage." My face turns bright red. Oh. My. God. He means me! Zayn likes me! I step onto the stage And stand next to him. He gets on one-knee proposal style holding out the flowers.

" Amber I have liked you since I met you. You are sarcastic, caring, hilarious and you have been one of the greatest friends in my life. So ...will you go out with me." I look at him, and suddenly I do. I want to go out with Zayn. Not Harry, who has done nothing but hurt me for the past few months but Zayn, who has done nothing but care about me.

" Yes! YES!" I grin. I see his adorable smile spread across his face. He gives me the flowers hugging me. I am ushered off the stage but i keep my eyes on him and him only. I like Zayn Malik.

Harrys POV: I see Amber staring down at Zayn. She Won't say yes. I mean she cant say yes! She likes me! Right? I will her to say no with my eyes but she isnt looking at me. She is grinning at Zayn.

" Yes!" She squeals and he hugs her. The crowd goes wild. She didn't mean that. I mean she couldn't embarrass him in in front of his fans. I expect her to just walk off and act like he hadn't asked her but during the last part of the performance everytime I look at her she is grinning at Zayn. The crowd can't see where she is, did she mean it when she said yes?

***** I grab her hand and pull her into my room. The boys went to Nandos but Amber said she was tired so I said the same thing so I could talk to her.

" Harry what are you doing?"

" What am I doing? What are you doing? Going out with Zayn? That should be me." Her eyes widen as she takes in the meaning of my words. All I can think about is her. Realizing I like her has kept me awake all night for 3 days! I just want her lips on mine. She is talking, I tune out to what she is saying and inch closer to her. She doesn't realize what I am doing till I am centimeters away from her face. I can feel her breathe on my lips. I don't give her the chance to step back. I cup the back of her neck and push her lips to mine. That's when the door opens.

Ambers POV: I break the kiss and turn around. Zayn is standing there. No. Noooo this can not be happening! He is the one I like! Not Harry! He literally just asked me out! It can't be over so quick! I rush towards him.

" He just kissed me when you opened the door. I promise I didn't kiss him back." I use my eyes to search his. Does he believe me. My guess is no because he walks out, his shoulders slumped. I glare at Harry who is looking innocently at me.

" How. Dare. You. " I say low and slow.

" What do you mean?"

" I am about to go out with Zayn, one of your best friends, and you kiss me?"

" If I remember correctly you kissed me first."

" Yeah! Over a month ago! I. Like. Zayn. Not. You!" I storm out leaving Harry just staring at me. I knock on Zayns door. No answer. He is in there! I grab my spare key and open it. Zayn is just sitting on his bed staring at a drawing. He looks up.

" Hi."

" Zayn..."

" I know. You like Harry." I rush next to him.

" No Zayn! I like you! I realized that when you called me up there. I said yes because I wanted to." His deep brown eyes look into mine.

" Really? I thought you were just trying to be nice." I shake my head.

" No. I want to see you, not Harry." Zayn smiles. He brushes his hand across my cheek. I can tell he wants to kiss me, and I want him to. But he pulls away and hands me his sketch book. Inside is a drawing of me reading a book. The shading is perfect, making it look like the sun is shining on me.

" Another one?" I joke.

" Your the best model."

" Your just saying that because you like me." He grins.

" That and the fact you are so beautiful. I don't want to ruin your beauty." Now I know why he didn't kiss me. He doesn't want to mess with me. He doesn't want to take advantage. I wish every guy thought like that.

" I am not beautiful. But thank you." I take his hand. All of the sudden Liam bursts through, Niall hot on his heels. Liam is carrying a bag of food. Niall is staring lustfully at it...and he is pointing a spoon at Liam? Has Niall lost it? Does he think that's a knife. I smirk at Zayn trying so hard not to laugh. Then I see Liams terrified expression as he stares at the spoon.

" Niall this is my food! Just put the spoon away and we can share it!"

" No give me the bag!"

" Niall!"

" Now Liam!" Liam carefully gives Niall the bag. Niall grins and starts munching on the roll, turning towards us.

" Ah here are the lovebirds."

" Hello to you too Niall." Zayn says. Liam is holding the spoon through rubber gloves and is scrubbing it hard.

" Are you afraid of spoons Liam?" I ask.

" They are just unsanitary!" He leaves the spoon in the sink. I will never be able to understand these boys.

" Hey I heard yelling in Harrys room. What is going on between Lou and Haz?" Liam asks worriedly. Zayn starts to speak but I give my head a slight shake.

" I'll tell you later." He says finally. I let out a sigh of relief. I really dont want to talk about that. Zayn squeezes my hand and goes over to Liams suitcase.

" So what will it be? Toy Story or Finding Nemo." I just smile at him wondering how I missed him all along.

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