Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Harrys POV: Louis and Amber enter the bus laughing, his arm around her. I am utterly confused. I thought she hated him! She gives me a small smile. I try to smile back at her. I can't though because even though I am mad at her for treating Louis like crap... I don't know. But what I do know is that I don't like the idea of them suddenly becoming friends. Louis grins as Niall snatched the Nandos bags from their hands. The happiness in their eyes. It is almost as if they are together, or they have been best friend since they can remember. Am I jealous? No! No it is just weird for me. Yeah it is really weird.
" Hey Amber can we talk?" I whisper in her ear. She grins up at me. She hasn't looked at me like that for a while. I guess that's my fault. I lead her into the game room.
" So you made up with Louis?" She blushes.
" Yeah. I was just jealous. I realized it wasn't fair."
" Why were you jealous?"
" Are you kidding? It is so hard to see you best friend be so close to someone else. It makes you compare yourself to them." For some reason this makes me feel a mix of guilt an anger flare up in my chest. I let the anger speak.
" Why would you even think that I would stop being you friend?" My voice rises. I can see a mix of surprise and hurt flash across her face. I don't want her to hurt but words keep popping out of my mouth.
" DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT BAD OF ME? HOW COULD YOU?" I can't believe I just said that. Neither can she. I can see her face go red.
" Harry I don't! I just..."
" No we are done talking."
I walk out. What is going on with me? How could I say that to her. I see Zayn, his eyes burn into my skull. Obviously he heard what I said.
" Zayn..."
" What the heck Harry? Do you know how much courage it took for her to apologize to Louis and
Then tell you how she felt?"
" I don't know why..."
" Shut up. Right now you need to stop talking and apologize to her." I look back at the door knowing he is right...but I really don't want to deal with that.
" I will do it in the mourning."
I can tell Zayn is trying not to kill me.
" Now."
" No."
" I can't believe you can be this immature." I watch him walk into
The game room and close the door. That should be me. Zayn is right. Since when did I start acting like this? I would have never done that before I went on the X-Factor. Has the fame changed me? That is a scary thought.
Ambers POV: I hold my head in my hands. I shudder as tears start to fall. The door opens and Zayn walks in and closes the door. He sits next to me and pulls me to him. I cry on his shoulder.
" He has changed. How could he say that stuff? And I am CRYING! How can I cry?" Zayn tips my head to his.
" Hey your allowed to cry."
" It is weak."
" It helps you get stronger." I look at him.
" What do you mean?"
" When you cry, it is admitting what has hurt you when you tears dry...your stronger." I sniff, and Zayn smiles softly gently drying my tears.
" Thank you." I whisper leaning my head on his shoulder.
" I wouldn't trade this for the world."
" Lier." I laugh dryly.
" You right I would much rather be punching Harry." I can see in his eyes he is only half joking.
***** Harry's POV: I knock on Ambers suite door. We are staying in this location for a week so we got a hotel. She hasn't talked to me for 3 days. Zayn talks to me but I can tell he is mad. I don't blame him. I treated his friend pretty bad and she was my BEST friend. The door opens. I stare at Ambers blank face. I can see papers all over her desk. She must be sorting out our schedule.
" Hey." I say softly. She looks at the floor shifting from side to side.
" You have every right to be mad at me. Heck I am mad at me. I had no right to say those things, no reason. It was me frustrated from myself changing. I am trying to go back to how I was. I am just adjusting to this crazy lifestyle." She meets my eyes for the first time.
" I understand that. But I can't deal with this you." She motions to me. " So until you are yourself again...don't talk to me. You have hurt me enough." With that she softly closes the door. A sure sign she didn't want to say what she had to say, but she needed to. I bite my lip and go back to my suite. Louis is on his computer IMing someone.
" Hey." I give him an awkward smile.
" Hey. How did it go with Amber?"
" She told me what I needed to hear."
" That was...?"1
" That I had changed and not in a good way. I had figured that out though."
" Harry...don't be so hard on yourself. You aren't doing this to any of us. Has anything changed between you and her?"
" No...well there was this one kiss but..."
" WAIT YOU GUYS KISSED?" Louis grins at me. I roll my eyes.
" Yeah but it didn't mean anything. She told me that."
" But did you tell her you wanted to be just friends first?"
" Yeahhh."
" Mate you basically gave her no choice! If she liked you she couldn't tell you because it would ruin the relationship."My cheeks turn red.
" Yeah but I didnt know that before now. What does a kiss have to do with how I have been treating her?"
" Because you are wrong about your feelings. You fancy her." I laugh out loud.
" What? Are you kidding? She is like my sister!"
" Not anymore. You know sometimes a guy will be mean to a girl if her likes her."
" But...I mean..." I can't justify myself. What do I tell him. The more he talks...the more it makes sense.
" her." I say nervously.
" You have some talking to do. Because now you know why you are being mean to know why you can't change."
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