Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


27. Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Ambers POV: I don't know how to explain it. I mean how do you explain a kiss like this. His hands on my hips, burning into my skin. My hands around his neck, sending the sparkles flying everywhere. I need him against me. Close to me. Filling in all the gaps. I am a dinner and I want him to eat me up, begging for more. How had I missed this before? All I want is him. Suddenly it is over. He jumps back from me leaving me gasping. The fire has left his eyes, and all that is left is confusion. As he looks at an angry Zayn and dumbfounded Niall, Liam, and Louis, his eyes relight. Blood rushed to his cheeks and he storms out. I just stand there like and idiot trying to process what had just happened. What was I thinking? Kissing Harry? I mean come on! He is the last person I want in my life now. Louis suddenly comes up and hugs me whispering something in my ear, " He wasn't the same without you." I stare up at his Ernest eyes. Then he is rushing out mumbling something about hiding spots. Zayn looks at me, with an emotion I can't process. He opens his mouth to say something and them his phone rings. He whispers something under his breath and answers it. He walks out but I can just barely hear what he is saying.

" Hey babe. Yeah it was amazing. Oh I understand. Ofcourse I can't think of something you can do. Yeah I will see you soon." He takes a long breath.

" Love you too." Was that his girlfriend? I am desperate to ask, but Zayn doesn't come back in. I hear him punch the wall. Liam and Niall are still staring at me. Niall suddenly grins.

" I can't believe your back." He says excitedly. My stomach lurches. We were so close. It was hard enough leaving him once and he seems so convinced I won't disappear again. Liam on the other hand gets it.

" You couldn't do it could you? You could hang out with us and be reminded that Zayn hurt you," He bites his lip, " And that you still love Harry but couldn't have him." I stare at him wide-eyed. I expect some kind of sign of anger, but it is Liam. He gets me.

" I really couldn't."

" Your not going to go again are you?" Niall steps forward.

" I have to. I need to. I have another life." My voice breaks.

" I am not a part of your world anymore." I take Nialls hand pleading him with my eyes to make him understand.

" Why can't we come visit you? Why can't we hang out? You can still interact with Dani and El. You guys were so close." Liam takes my arm.

" After everything? After not saying a single word to you for the past year?"

" We get it. Ands that past is in the past."

" But wouldn't Harry and Zayn have a problem with that?"

" Harry doesn't Have to know, and Zayn shouldn't be mad. He has a girlfriend." I look a the ground. So my suspicions were correct. That was his girlfriend on the phone.

" Okay. If it isn't a problem, I would love the compony." Them I pull them into a big hug. I missed them so much. Could it be like this? Could I finally get some of my friends back?

Harrys POV:

I want to punch someone, something, anything. I was a complete idiot! How am I supposed to give the impression I am mad at Amber when I end up kissing her? Well she is mad at me now anyway, so what does it matter. I just...I finally have a chance with her and I let my anger out on her. Then I kiss her and it all seeps away. Then she gets mad at me! Or at least it looked like that. But man, it was an incredible kiss. I have never felt anything like that in my life. Did she feel it? I look up and see Louis grinning at me. How did he find me? It is creepy how he does that.

" You have game." Louis sits next to me.

" Shut up."

" No really man, I thought you were going to rip her throat out, but that kiss? Way better." He smirks.

" But careful or I am going to rip YOUR throat out."

" Is that code for I am going to kiss you now because I am in a relationship. And we don't want encourage the fans. They are crazy enough as it is." His shoulders are shaking now from laughter, and I keep glaring at him till I am laughing too. Then I notice Zayn. He looks like he is trying to decide whether to punch me or kiss me. Okay so this is awkward. Until he punches me.

" What the heck man?" I cradle my cheek as he shakes his hurting hand.

" Why would you kiss her?"

" There is no rule against it!" I glare at him.

" She is my ex!"

" I loved her before you did."

" I still love her!" Zayn slaps his hand over his mouth, wide-eyed.

My and Louis gawk at him.

" What?" Louis whispers.

" Nothing." Zayn starts to walk off but I grab his arm.

" You love her?" I try to keep my voice under control. He doesn't say anything.

" You have a girlfriend!" I almost yell.

" I know! And I love Perrie. I honestly thought I was over her but when I saw her..." Zayn looks down.

" I wish I was angry at her. I wish I felt anything but this. And when I saw you kiss her, it hurt so bad mate." I bite my lip. Louis just stands back, most likely wondering when we turned into a bunch of girls. I hear the dressing room door open and Amber steps out writing something on a sheet of paper and then gives it to Liam.

" Visit anytime." She says giving Liam and Niall a hug.

" I'll call you tonight." Niall says. They close the door and then I see Ambers friend and the guy she was with come around the corner.

" AMELIA!" The girls screams.

Amelia? She changed her name?

" Lia! Shush!" Amber says almost laughing and runs up to them.

" What did they want?" Lia exclaims.

" Oh it was some random draw. I got to meet them. Wasn't really anything."

" You didn't kiss one of them did you?" The boy says cheekily. He must like her.

" David! No! It was really nothing, I promise." She smiles at " David" and they all walk off. Lia jumps a head saying something about running into us but David stops Amber. Are they together? I Inch closer hiding behind a trashcan. Louis and Zayn give me a wide-eyed stare but I put a finger over my lips. I can't help it, I need to know what's going on.

" I didn't know if you would want to talk once we got back to the dorms." David explains.

" Oh, what did you want to talk about?"

" Well, I saw the boys keep staring at you."

" I am sure your mistaken."

" Really?"

" Of course. There is no way they were staring at me."

" Okay, well did you have fun?"

" I did." Then I hear silence. I look over the trashcan and see David kissing her. I can't tell if she is leaning into it. They break the kiss.

" David, Im not ready for a relationship. I thought I was, and you are so sweet. I can't believe you didn't give up after I said no for the 5th time. Maybe in a few months I will be ready. But not now." I can hear David sigh as I do a silent yes.

" I get it."

" You do?"

" Yeah. But I hope you know I am not giving up on you." Amber laughs a little. Then she takes his hand and they walk away. I stand up, dumbfounded. Why did she take his hand? Why did she change her name? Why would she lie about not knowing us? It's like we were some kind of mess and she wiped it clean, leaving no trace.



Hey guys! I have no idea why you guys like this fanfic, but torn just hit 900 reads and even though I hate this story, I really have to thank you! I love and and everyone of my readers. I just hope you will also give my other fanfic daydreamer a chance.


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