Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


26. Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Ambers POV:

Lia gives me the evil eye as I look up.

" What?"

" How can you not like One Direction?" I sigh and look back up at my roommate.

" I like them I am just not in a position to be obsessed with anything right now. I am trying to focus on school."

" I get that, hey I want to graduate from collage too, but you should seriously come with me to their concert! I mean the iTunes festival? It's a chance of a lifetime!" I see the determination in her eyes. She wasn't going to give up. We are best friends after all. After I left Zayn flat a year ago I have been avoiding anything One Direction. It isn't that hard since I don't live in London anymore. I even changed my name to Amelia. I am studying in a collage very close to London though. I wanted to be near my job, which I couldn't afford to quit. Besides, I have been promoted. I purse my lips and then shrug.

" Okay, I'll come." Lia squeals. I sigh again. What can the harm can come? I mean I won't run into them, because I am going to be crowded in with the fans. I look back down at my textbook while Lia tweets about this. My phone buzzes and I look at it. It is a text from David. He has been asking me out ever since the term started. I have been turning him down, but I feel ready now. I look at his message.

David- I hear ur going to the iTunes thing. Mind if I tag along :)

I smile

Amelia- can't wait!

Maybe this won't turn out horribly. I wonder if it the best idea though to try to move on going to my ex's concert. Okay it isn't at all the best idea. But I can't go back now. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?*****

" I am so glad to be here." David takes my hand as we walk into the theater. I had been so happy goofing off with David I hadn't even noticed how early we had come. We were in the very front.

" Crap." I say under my breath.

" What is it?" David looks at me, worry in his eyes.

" Oh nothing."

" I can't believe we have seats in front of the stage!" Lia squeals her eyes going crazy. She is hyperventilating. For the next few hours I have listen to Lia squeal about how maybe they will smile at her. David try's to start a conversation a few times but I can't listen. The longer we wait the more I start to worry. They will see me. How can they not? I. Am. Right. There. Suddenly the theater goes dark and the screens light up, playing a video. My heart races. What is going to happen. It all goes to quickly for to formulate a plan. They are on the stage, singing. I can't help but stare at Harry. He looks so happy. I stare at his arms, they are covered with tattoos. What happened to him? Zayn has a huge tattoo on his arm. He had a few tattoos before but nothing like this. Harry is smiling though. He looks almost angelic. Just when I think I am safe from being spotted, Harrys eyes connect with mine. He takes a step back and then shakes his head. He must think he is crazy. Hopefully it will stay that way. No one else notices me for the next few songs. Then they answer twitter questions. Harry goes up to Zayn and pointing in my direction. That's when it hits me, I want them to notice me. Then David chooses that moment to put his arm around me and kiss my cheek. I look back at them and I see Zayn staring at me. I stare back into his eyes. Eyes that I used to be in love with. Eyes that told me they loved me. Eyes that made me feel safe and loved. Eyes that betrayed my trust. I blink back tears and bury my face in Davids chest.

" Are you okay?" He whispers in my ear. I nod, not wanting to ruin this for Lia. I have to end this thing with David though after the concert. I am not ready at all. I can't be in a relationship with someone, when I can't decide if I am still in love with someone else. And then there is Harry. He is talking on the microphone but I catch his eye again. This time there is no confusion. He knows it's me. No this time his eyes are filled with anger. I don't blame him, he was my best friend and I left without saying good-bye. I didn't even call for a full year. Then I show up at his concert with another guy. I couldn't call though, because everytime did, I thought of Zayn. I couldn't live that life. So I became someone else. The rest of the concert is torture. I just avoided eye contact with the boys, but by the end of it, they have all stared at me. Thank god I don't have to face them afterwards. ** The concert draws to a close, but someone shuffles through the crowd. Paul. He gives me a sad look, and I know why. Me and Paul were friends too.

" The boys want you to come back stage. Your friends can come too." Lia screams and David squeezes my hand, obviously thinking I would be excited. I try to shake my head but Paul is already leading the way. Lia pulls me along and Paul takes me into the dressing room and then takes David and a confused Lia away somewhere else. My heart is pounding, dreading what is coming next. The door opens and they all rush in, and then stop. They stare at me wide eyed. I have changed. My hair is a little shorter and I am much thinner from the stress of school.

" What are you doing here?" Niall asks, his tone soft.

" Paul told me..." Harry laughs harshly.

" No why are you here at this concert."

" My friend made me come." My voice shakes.

" And your boyfriend decided to tag along?" Zayn asks.

" You don't have the right to care." My voice catches an I blink back few tears. Zayns face slackens from anger and jealousy to regret.

" You never let me explain." He whispers.

" There was nothing to explain!" I burst out. I bite my tongue and lower my voice.

" You cheated on me. Plain and simple."

" You didn't have to leave." Harry growls his eyes burning with intensity.

" I went to your house Harry! I walked up to it. Then I saw you laughing on with Kate and I realize I would just get in the way. You were my everything for so long and I just wanted to start over." My voice wobbles and I look up at Harry, who is two inches away, hoping to see some signs of sympathy. No such luck. His eyes are fiery with anger. There is something else though. I feel this kind of electricity running through us. One touch and the sparks will fly. I want to touch him so bad.

I want to kiss him.

For the first time in almost two years I want to kiss him. Does he feel it too? Wait what am I thinking? My ex/Harrys bestfriend is standing right there. Does he still love me? Could I love him again? Is he in the position to love me? All these questions run through my mind as Harry glares down at me with his emerald eyes.

" Kate pretty much ended it with me that night because I couldn't stop staring at my phone. Waiting for you to call." My shoulders sag and then all of the sudden a though strikes me.

" How did you know?" My voice rises.

" What?"

" How did you know that I was going to call you? Why would you wait? What was your reason?"

Harry gives me a blank stare.

" I was the one that caught Zayn." He says his tone as firm as ever.

" And you didn't tell me?" I whisper angrily.

" Amber he told me..."

" You let me brake down? God you let me go on thinking he was this perfect guy. I was going to tell him he was the ONE!" My voice brakes. His eyes fire back up.




" WHO WOULD WANT TO STICK AROUND?" The next thing I know, his lips are on mine.

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