Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


25. Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Harrys POV: I look down at my phone, again. Kate stares at me annoyed.

" What's with you?" She asks.

" Nothing."

" But his is your favorite movie and your not even paying attention." I bite my lip.

" I just thought I would have heard from Amber by now." Kate rolls her eyes.

" Let her have two minutes with her boyfriend, please." She gets up grabbing her purse.

" Where are you going?"

" I am not going to stick around while you stare at your phone all evening." I sigh.

" I will see you tomorrow." She adds her tone a bit softer. I get up and kiss her good-bye. Kate is an amazing women. She is firm and knows how to talk to me. Really if I put in some effort we could really have a relationship. It is just so hard with Amber around. And since Zayn was going to tell the truth tonight, I would have thought she would have come straight to me. I text Zayn.

Me- Have you told her yet?

Zayn- Wat she isn't with you? I told her about an hour ago and she drove off in the direction of your house. I am coming over now.

Me- No I haven't heard from her all evening.

I am starting to get worried. She should be at my house by now.

Me- Maybe she went back to apologize for running off. How far away are you from my house?

Zayn- A couple minutes

Me- Come pick me up

I pull on a sweater, Ambers favorite, she says it's comfy to cry on. Then I pull on my jacket and wait outside. Zayns taxi pulls up and I jump in. He really should learn how to drive. **

" Amber?" I call. My voice echos in Zayns flat.

" Let's try our room." Zayn says rushing to it. I look in and my mouth hangs open. The drawers are open, things hanging out. In the bathroom any trace of a girls existence is gone. She is gone. Packed up.

October 2011

Still no sigh of Amber. It's been almost a month now. Zayns depression and guilt is gone and now all that is left his anger. He threw out everything that was hers. It kills me to not be able to see her. I tried calling her but it said the number was no longer available. I dont know what to do.

December 2011

I still haven't heard from her. I am trying not to care. She is the one who left. Zayn has moved on, even has a crush on Perrie from Little Mix. Hopefully it will turn into something. Eleanor and Dani won't stop asking about her. They were actually close by the time she left. Sucks to be Amber.

May 2012

The tour is amazing! Singing my heart out to a crowd of screaming fans, a thousand interviews each week. I love it. I am sad we only have a few months left. Good news is that Perrie and Zayn are officially a couple. They are cute too. He is just sad he doesn't get to see her that much.

July 2012

I can't believe tour is over. I cant wait to go home though and see my family. They are so happy I am coming home. We get about a month off to do What we like and then it's off to work on our next album.

" This is so crazy isn't it?" Louis sits next to me in awe. We are flying back home now, and it is kind of hitting us.

" I know. It feels like just yesterday we were on the X-Factor."

" Yeah people have been Tweeting me about that. It's almost our 2- year anniversary." More awe.

" Really? Wow."

" I know, we have come pretty far." Louis claps me on my shoulder.

" You have to stop talking so deep or your going to start sounding like Zayn." I grin.

" I think it suits me!" Louis laughs to himself.

" I doubt our fans would like that." I reply.

" Touché."

I sigh and stare across the clouds. Whatever is waiting for us when we get back, I am ready for it.

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