Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


23. Chapter 22 ( part 2)

Chapter 22

Harrys POV:

It is finally time for our new single " What Makes You Beautiful" to air on BBC Radio 1. I have to say I am nervous, I mean what if no one likes it. I tap my foot furiously as we wait to air it. Louis claps my shoulder.

" Nervous much." He grins at me.

" How can I not be." I reply.

" Dont worry about it." He smiles. My phone buzzes.

" Good luck. Maybe we can meet up when you get back in a couple weeks? ~ Kate" I grin. Louis looks over my shoulder.

" Who's Kate?"

" A reporter I met last week." Louis smirks at me while I type a response.

" I would love to. ~ Harry."

The radio host of Radio 1 sits down.

" You ready boys?" He grins at us. We nod.

" Now for the first time ever One Directions What Makes You Beautiful!" The song starts to play and me and I start to dance putting my hands up in the air. This is it.

Ambers POV: I sit in front of the TV and sigh. I miss Zayn and Harry so much. They give me daily updates but it's not the same. There is a knock at the door. I open it up.

" Hello?"

" Who are you?" The girl asks.

" Well since I live here I think I should be the one asking the questions." I glare at her.

" Oh you must be Amber! Harry told me about you."

" And you are." I roll my eyes.

" Kate Richards. Harry told me to wait here since he is coming home today." I raise my eyebrow.

" He isn't coming home for a couple days."

" He is coming home early." She brushes past me handing me her phone. Sure enough Harrys number had texted her to come to my flat.

" When did you meet Harry?" I close the door and give her back her phone.

" About 3 weeks ago."

" You have been seeing eachother?" She smiles.

" A bit. Your a friend right?" She sits on the couch.

" I have known him since I was 2 I am more then a friend."

" Not in a romantic way right?" I widen my eyes.

" What! No! I have a boyfriend. Zayn."

" Well he is a looker."

" Yeah I am lucky." She smiles.

" Well I hope I am lucky."

" If you are going out with Harry, you are." She grins.

" And that's your unbiased opinion right?"

" Absolutely." I laugh, and so does she. I sit next to her.

" Harry never mentioned you, how did you two meet?"

" He knocked me over and convinced me to buy him a drink. He paid me back though."

" That certainly sounds like Harry." She grins and the door opens. Harry steps in Zayn on his heels.

" Ambberr!" Zayn opens his arms and I squeal running up to him.

" I missed you so much!" I say kissing him.

" Not as much as I missed you." He places his arms around me.

" You have to tell me every detail."

" And I will, but right now I could really use a cup of tea." He kisses my nose and I giggle. Then I turn around remembering we have compony.

" Sorry." I say awkwardly.

" I am only hurt you haven't said hi to me yet." Harry raises his eyebrow.

" Come here Zazy." I wrap my arms around his warm body. My arms tingle. I jump back in confusion. Why did I care I was touching Harry? It's only nerves I tell myself. Zayn comes back with two warm cups of tea. He wraps his arms around me, making me feel safe. Looking at him, I love him so much. Not Harry. Nothing can mess up what me and Zayn have. I mean, what if he is the one?

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