Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


18. Chapter 18

Harrys POV:

Zayn stands in front of me. Any color in his face is gone.

" Harry..."

" What are you doing." I try to say calmly.

" I am... Well..." He trails off.

" Well let me answer it for you. You are meeting someone for the possibility of a solo career. You took Sydney with you, who is your girlfriend enemy, and you didn't tell anyone." I can't hide the anger from my voice.

" How did you know?"

" I was offered the same thing."

" Oh."

" Obviously you decide what I did. Why Zayn? Why?" My voice is shaking now. My hand is curled into a fist.

" I...I wasn't to see what it would be like."

" Oh so you decided to throw everything away for a chance at a solo career? You had it all! You already have a career, four best friends, an amazing girlfriend. Once she finds out you two will be over." Zayn looks down.

" I don't care for Sydney like that."

" That won't matter to Amber. She will just think about the fact you took Sydney and not her." I can in Zayns eyes that he knows he made a mistake.

If only he knew how big.

***** Over the next few days I have been trying to convince Zayn not to go solo. He has been pretty stubborn, but I am wearing him down. Sydney isn't helping though, she obviously just likes him because he is famous. Not going solo would mean she wouldn't be in his life.

We are sitting in Zayns suite.

" Zayn...please. Don't do this." I say again.

" Okay." He replys. I jump.

" What?"

" I said okay." Zayn smiles.

Then there is a knock.

Ambers POV: At some point Louis decided to track Harrys cellphone. Despite my saying it was an invasion of his privacy we all went with him to the hotel he was at. Louis had went from distraught to extremely angry. He barely ever talks. We arrive at the hotel and Liam asks for Harrys room number. Surprisingly, they give it to us.

We go to the door and knock. No one there.

" Liam, I hear a low voice in the next room. Maybe they got the number wrong." I whisper. He shrugs and knocks on the next one over. Zayn opens the door.

" Zayn?" I grin and throw my arms around him. He squeezes me hard.

" I missed you." He says.

" I miss you, but why aren't you with your family?" He takes a deep breath and steps out of the room.

" I was trying to convince Harry not to take the solo offer." He says.

" Really?"

" Yeah."

" Were you able to?" Louis asks hurriedly.

" Yeah." He smiles. The look on Louis face, I know it is the same on mine. We smile tearily at eachother. The door opens again. Harry walks out. Immediately he pulls me into a hug. I lean into a it for a second but then step back.

" Why would you even think about taking that job?" My voice breaks.

" Niall?" I turn around. Okay that's it.

" You brought SYDNEY?" I try desperately not to yell.

" He picked her up, I followed them and thats when I started trying to talk Harry out of going solo." Zayn explain. I look at Harry. I have never seen him so angry.

" That's a lie! I was the one that followed you!" He growls.

" Harry I was never offered a solo career." Zayn says annoyed.

Harry looks at me.

" Amber, he is lying." I can't tell if he is telling to truth. My heart is torn. I look at Louis who stands behind Harry.

" I believe you Harry." He says glaring at me. I turn around to look at Sydney.

" Go. Now. "

" Excuse me?" She scoffs.

" Go or I swear I will kill you." She turns on her heel and stomps off.

" Harry, your going to need to prove this to me with more then your words." His face falls.

" I thought I could trust you would always be on my side."

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