Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


17. Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Ambers POV: Our plan didn't work so well. We were about halfway through Greese when Liam and Niall burst through my door.

" Where are Harry and Zayn?" Liam asks briskly.

" Zayn told me he was with you." I say getting up.

Liam shales his head.

" He said he was on a date with you. All of his stuff is gone though." Niall bites his lip.

" What about Harry?" Liam asks.

" Harry is gone too." I whisper.

Harrys POV: I Look around as I step into my hotel suite. It is right next to Zayns, and of course I don't want him to see him. Right after I told Georgina I was perfectly happy with being in the band, I saw Zayn lack his bags and drive out. I packed and followed him. I had a hunch it was bad. I was right. He picked up Sydney along the way.

I just followed them to a hotel just outside of London, and checked into their hotel. If he was going to hurt Amber, I wanted to know. So far I haven't heard much, I don't exactly want to. Zayn makes Amber so happy. She glows everywhere she goes. If he messes that up I swear I will kill him. I take a cup and press it against the wall. I can just make out their conversation.

" So, Amber doesn't know about this?" Sydney says.

" No. So where do you want me to put this suitcase?"

" Over there. But why didn't you say good-bye?"

" Too painful."

" I totally understand. But a solo career is what you were going to end up with anyways. Why not take it now?" Wait what? He got offered a solo career too? And yet he took it. And took Sydney. I am disgusted with him. How could he do this to Amber and the boys? It is Taking everything I have not to go in there and kill him. Shake my head and plug in my dead phone. I have about a billion messages. Most of them from Amber.

Amber: Where are you?

Amber: Lou thinks you took the career offer. Please prove him wrong.

Amber: Okay are you with Zayn too?

Amber: Harry I am so worried. Please answer me!

Amber: Harry...please come home.

I take a shaky breath. How was I going to tell her? All she ever wanted was a good boyfriend, and I thought Zayn could make her happy. Suddenly I hear Zayns door bang. I look through the keyhole to see Sydney leaving. I quickly knock on Zayns door.

" You forgot your keys didn't you..." Zayn opens the door. His face turns white.

" Please don't give me a reason to kill you."

Ambers POV: The next few days were torture. Literally. I just sat and stared at my phone. Everyday it seemed to sink in a little bit more that Harry had left. Then there was Zayn. I missed him but he said he was visiting family in a text last night. Someone knocks on my door.

" It's open!" I yell. Liam walks through.

" Are you okay?" He asks softly, sitting beside me.

" I..." I bite my lip.

" Why didn't he tell me? Im not working for SYCO anymore. I am his best friend." My voice catches.

" I would have gone with him." I whisper. The look on Liams face suggests he doesn't believe that.

" You think I wouldn't?"

" Maybe. It's just, you have a life here. Zayn, your job. Friends. Would you give all that up for Harry?"

" Liam...he is everything to me." Liam narrows his eyes.

" Do you still have feeling for him?" He asks.

His question catches me off guard.

" What? No I am head over heels for Zayn." Liam purses his lips but doesn't say anything. Instead he pulls me to my feet.

" You need to get out of here." He says.

" I guess."

" No phones." Liam grins.

" But...fine." I grunt. I let Liam lead me to his car. He trys to distract me with some story's but I can't focus on him. All I cam think about are the two boys who mean the world to me...but aren't with me.

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