Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


15. Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Harrys POV:

I walk into my flat, throwing my keys into the key pot as I walk by. Louis looks up from his usual spot in front of the television.

" Bad day?"

" No. Just...weird."

" How?" I can see Louis is in a serious mood but it is hard to take him seriously when he is in his rainbow sweatpants. Yes I said rainbow.

" Well I was singing and then the studio lady said I should go solo." I fall onto the couch grabbing the remote.

" Solo as in, not in the band?" Louis asks his voice worried.

" Yeah. I rejected the idea but she told me to think about it." Louis bolts up, pacing.

" Are you considering it?"

" Of course not! I love the band!" Some color comes back to Louis face.

" I know. It just wouldn't be the same without you. Who would I sleep with at night." Louis smirks at me, his cheeky humor returning.

" I don't know. Maybe Kevin?"

Ambers POV:

" Tea anyone?" I jump off of the couch. Nialls couch. I look around to see a perfectly put together Sydney standing at the kitchen counter, Niall standing admirably across from her. He so fancies her. She turns around and smiles at me.

" Hey Amber. What are you doing here?" Her smile is icy and I just know she took a picture of me being here.

" I fell a sleep on Nialls couch watching football." I raise my eyebrow. She scowls for a second. Not the answer she wanted to hear but it's the truth.

" So what are you doing here?" I ask picking up a scone.

" I came by to see Niall." Her tone is so fake it is sickening. Niall doesn't hear it though, and he blushes.

" Hey Niall...can I talk to you?" I nod my head to his room.

" Yeah sure." He grins and Sydney and she shrugs pulling out her phone. Once we are alone I try to speak but Niall beats me to it.

" Can we do a double date with you and Zayn." I widen my eyes.

" can do better then her."

" No! She can do better then me, and she seems to like me." I try my hardest not to roll my eyes.

" Look Niall...." I look in his eyes. Just say no! Say no!

" Okay, if Zayn agrees, okay." He pulls me into a hug.

" You are amazing. Thank you."

" No problem." I squeak. I stay in the room while Niall asks Sydney out. Her "yes" is so perfect it had to have been rehearsed. Looks like I am going to have to bite my tongue from now on. *****

" Yeah I am writing some articles for this magazine. It is going really well." Sydney grins and takes a tiny bite of her vegetarian dinner. It takes everything I have (plus Zayns hand in mine) not to stab her from bragging. Zayn squeezes my hand, sensing my tension. Niall is giving Sydney his full attention, hasn't even touched his food. He is also oblivious to the fact her eyes barely ever leave Zayn. I can see it perfectly though, and this is another reason I want to stab her. With a butter knife. I manage to keep a smile on my face though, and excuse myself to the bathroom. After I use the Lou I step out of the stall to see Sydney leaning against the wall. I jump.

" Oh my god! How long have you been standing there?" I scowl at her.

" You really shouldn't talk to me like that. We are going to be seeing each other a lot from now on."

" Do you even like Niall?" She smirks at me.

" Of course. Why else would I go on a date with him?" She asks innocently. Where is my butter knife when I need it?

" Let me just ask this. Are you trying to steal Zayn from me?" I hold my breathe.

" I don't have to. Soon enough you will drive him right into my waiting arms." She gives me a scary smile and turns on her heel, leaving me there stunned. How did she think I was going to drive him into her arms? Did she think I was going to mess up or something? With who? She doesn't even know about my history with Harry. I walk back to the table, keeping quiet for the rest of the night.

Harrys POV:

" I hate Sydney." Amber collapses onto the couch beside me. I close my laptop quickly.

" Who is she?" She gives me an incredulous look.

" You really don't know?"

" Nope."

" Nialls to be girlfriend. Me and Zayn went on a double date with her and Niall last night."

" Ah that Sydney. So...why do you hate her?"

" She likes Zayn." I smirk.

" Amber, she just went on a fate with Niall."

" I know, it is just a cover!" She throws her hands in the air like it all makes sense.

" Whatever you say." I laugh and open my laptop.

" What are you working on?"

" Nothing." I brush her off.

" Harry!" I roll my eyes annoyed.

" It's kind of personal." As soon as I say it I want to take it back.

" Amber I didn't mean it like that." She nods and bites her lip. Then she gets up.

" Look it's okay. You can tell me when your ready." She turns around and heads out the door. The door opens before her though and I recognize the person who has stepped through the door. It is recording booth lady. She smiles at me and puts out her hand to Amber.

" Hi I am Georgina Smith." Ambers just stares at me, confused.

" She was at the recording studio. We have some...things to discuss." I can see Amber looking Georgina up and down. She must think I fancy her.

" Well. Good-bye." Amber rushes out quickly. Georgina isn't even fazed. She just sits next to me.

" Have you thought about my offer?" I take a shaky breath. I hadn't wanted this moment to come.

" Yes."

" What is you decision?"

" I want to..."

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