Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Ambers POV:

" I was worried about you and Sydney." I gulp.

" Why would you think that?"

" Because she is into you!" Zayn takes my hands.

" But I am already into a girl. Her name is Amber." He says softly. Guilt sinks into my stomach.

" I know. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions." I bite my lip, not able to meet his eye.

" Look how about we forger that this happened." I smile.

" I'd like that. On one condition."

He grins.

" What is it?"

" You let me help you get over your fear of heights." His grin slips a bit.

" Are you sure?"

" Yes. As sexy as it is that you have a fear of heights I know how good it is to face your fears." He brushes my cheek with the back of his hand.

" You think it's sexy?"

" Yes."

" You know what else is sexy?"

I laugh.

" What?"

" You." My heart leaps. How did he know what to say?

" Your so sweet." I whisper.

" I know." I grin. He turns on some music and we spend the evening dancing in eachothers arms.

Harrys POV: I walk into the recording studio. Sitting there is a pretty blond writing down something. I walk up behind her.

" Hi." She jumps.

" Hey. You're Harry right?" I smirk."

" Yup."

" Good. Right on schedule. You can walk into the booth and we will get started."

She hands me my lyrics and I put my earphones on. For the next hour I just sing. It is what I have always wanted. Suddenly she puts her hand up for me to stop.

" Your brilliant." She says, her hands on her hips.

" Thank you." I say shyly. This was still new to me.

" Have you ever thought about going solo?" My eye brows shoot up.

" What?"

" I mean you really have the whole package. Good looks, amazing voice, young."

" But I am in a band."

" No one would blame you. I mean you just got out of the tour and you haven't started yet. You have a bit of publicity." I frown.

" I LIKE being in the band." She smiles.

" Look, I know it is cool to suddenly have 4 brothers but how long do you think that is going to last? Bands eventually break up. When your solo though, you don't have to." I bite my lip. This was one of my first recording sessions and all of the sudden we are talking about my band breaking up?

" Look we are done for today. But , please, give me a call. Just drop by. I know people who would love to have you." She hands me her business card.

I just take it speechless. As I walk out I can't even think straight. Is she right? Should I venture out on my own while I have the chance?

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