Amber Smith was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal best friend. Her best friend was Harry Styles. He was the boys she had grown up with her entire life and completed her. Little did she know how her life was going to change with one audition. Amber desperately tries to hang onto their friendship while finding out who she is and who she wants. Will she find the right love?


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Ambers POV: I look around my house, dropping my bags on the floor. It felt good to be back, even though I am moving to London next week. I found another job in London so I could be close to Zayn. I am going to be working as a assistant to the manager of a bank, but it isn't that bad. She is nice, and her name is Tracy. I could do worse.

Suddenly I focus on my mom who is running up to me and squeezing me to death.

"Mom...need...air!" I gasp, but i still hug her back.

" I missed you so much!" My mom whispers not letting go.

" AIR!" I wheeze.

" Sorry honey." She loosens her grip and steps back wiping a tear from her eye.

" It's okay. Where is everyone?"

" Your dad is on a business trip for a another two weeks." She smiles sadly.

" Well then we can just have a girls night...or week." She grins.

People tell us we have to same smile. I really hope so because hers lights up the room.

" So when will I get to meet this new boyfriend of yours?" She smirks at me as she carries my suitcase of the stairs.

" Well he is helping me move in to my apartment so next week I guess." I smile at the thought. We reach my room.

" So tell me about him." I hide my grin.

" He is...amazing. He is sweet and he is a bit shy but he is so creative. And once you break him out of his shell he is so funny." I collapse on my bed.

" Seems like you really like him." Mom replies in a absurd voice.

" Yeah. I do."

" So can I see his picture?"

" Oh you have seen him. He is in Harrys band! Remember?"

" Weren't there 4 others?"

" Um...yeah."

" So how is Harry? I miss his cheeky face around."

" He is coming in a few days."

" Ah. So how are things between you two?"

" Good." I flip through an old photo album. On almost every picture is me AND Harry. He is such a part of me.

" Just good? He is your best friend!" My mom sits next to me.

" We went through a bit of a rough patch." I say vaguely. She raises her eyebrow.

" Okay he declared his love for me! Happy?"

" He...loves you?"

" Yeah..."

" And you are still dating Zayn." I give her a what-are-you-getting-at look.

" Honey... I thought you loved Harry."

I bite my lip.

" Only as my friend now."

" What changed?"

" Zayn. He gives me everything. And I really like him."

" Okay." My mom strokes my hair. She gets up brushing off her jeans.

" Dinner in a hour. Your favorite."

" Thanks mom." I give her a smile.

I pick up my laptop and open up skype.

My brother is online. Another person I missed. James is off studying in the US, and we have always gotten along well. I click on his name and open up a video chat. His grinning face flashes up on my screen.

" Hey sis!" His brown eyes sparkle.

" Hey Mr. Smarty."

" I am guessing you just got back home?"

" Yeah."

" How does it feel?"

" A bit strange...but a good strange." We chat for a little hit before he says he has to get off to class. *****

Harrys POV: I look around the apartment admiring my handy work. Mrs. Smith grins at me and looks at Zayn and Amber holding hands. She comes over.

" Amber told me everything. How do you deal with it?" I sigh.

" It is slowly going back to how it used to be." I try to be vague.

" I love Zayn. I really do, but don't let her go. I always thought you two would end up together. You have been inseparable since you were little. Don't lose that." She squeezes my arm and says goodbye to the lovebirds. I sigh. I really with she hadn't said that.

" So there is a carival tomorrow. You guys coming?" I smile at Them. Zayns face pales a little bit but he nods. Amber who has always loves carnivals nods furiously.

" I can't wait! Cotton candy, the ferris wheel, the roller coasters." I grin at her rambling.

" Well we better be heading off." Zayn gives Amber a kiss and throws his arm around my shoulder. We walk out.

" Why are we leaving so soon?" I whisper.

" What are you doing?" Zayn asks angrily.

" What are you talking about?" I reply annoyed.

Zayn takes a nervous breath, biting his lips.

" I... I have a...I don't like..." He stutters.

" You don't like...what?"

" I...Uh...I am afraid of heights." I raise my eyebrow.

" Really?"

" Yes!" We get in the car.

" Sorry mate I had no idea."

" Well it's not exactly I like to broadcast."

" Hey I understand. Do you want me to come up with an excuse?" I give Zayn a sympathetic look.

" I don't want to ruin Ambers day."

" Trust me, she will be fine. Look I will tell her you got a stomach virus. She will be cool with that."

Zayn looks down guiltily.

" You sure?"

" She won't ever question it. I have used it whenever I didn't want to see a chick flick with her." Zayn laughs and I start the engine.

I didn't want to take advantage of the situation, but was this finally the way me and Amber could bond again? I really hope so.

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