Hayden might just find the boy of her dream on her 18th birthday.


6. Worried

I woke up to a loud ping of my phone. I reached over to grab my phone from the coffee table in the of the room. Of course it was Ronnie asking how everything went on my "date?" I called her and gushed over every single detail. 

"Well," She asked on the other line. "It was incredible. We walked to his flat and watched Toy Story. I accidentally fell asleep on him, he walked me home, and he uh... kissed my cheek..." I explained everything. 

After a while I hung up. I went to my inbox and noticed a little flashing one. I quickly clicked it. Liam texted me. My stomach did flips and turns. 

"No problem babe. I really enjoyed myself. I'll call you later. -Liam xx"

Babe. He called me babe. I thought my heart stopped beating. To calm myself I jumped in the shower. The hot water felt good against my slender back. I stepped out and wrapped myself in white fluffy towel. I got dressed in pair of university and an old t-shirt. As I walked into the room I grabbed my cell phone. 

One Missed Call. No. I missed his call. I checked my voicemail. He didn't leave a message. I called him back three times. No answer. I sighed and fell asleep on my bed. Why isn't he answering? Did I do something?

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