Hayden might just find the boy of her dream on her 18th birthday.


5. Walk

The cool October night felt chilled across my bare exposed skin. To keep me warm Liam pulled me close to his muscular side. "Wanna play Rapid Fire?" I asked him. "Sure sounds good." He said. I thought for a minute of questions I could ask.

"Umm.. cat or dog? I asked knowing it was a really boring question. "Dog all the way baby!" I let out an ugly laugh. "Crest or Colgate?" "Colgate." 

We finally arrived at my flat still playing Rapid Fire. We walked up the narrow path to the front door. He was still holding me securely at his side. I turned to face him. "Thank You." He blushed. I thought it was so adorable. "No problem at all." He pulled me close for a hug. His embrace was so tight and warm I nearly melted. It made me feel safe and secure. I didn't want him to let me go.

He pulled away slowly. As I reached for the doorknob his smile turned to a frown. "What's wrong?" I asked making a crease in my forehead. "I don't want to be alone." He sighed. "It's okay. I'll call you later. I need to go." He sighed again. "Bye." He kissed my my cheek after I finished speaking. "Bye love." He walked down the path and into the distance. I watched him disappear in the early morning fog.

My heart couldn't stop beating. I opened the door and collapsed straight away on the worn out couch. I pulled out my ratty phone and texted Liam: "Thank You!! xx" Maybe something good could happen out of this.

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