Hayden might just find the boy of her dream on her 18th birthday.


2. Tonight

I woke up around 9:30 this morning like i always do. I threw my petite lehs over the side of my bed and stuffed my tiny feet into my warm turtle slippers. I left my room and headed towards the kitchen. I grabbed a cherry PopTart and and went back to my room. I grabbed my laptop and laid in front of me. My phone all of a sudden lit up. I grabbed it and saw a text from Liam.

"Hi Hayden. It was amazing meeting you last night. I would looovvve to do it aggaiin. Does tonight sound okay?!

                       - Liam xx"

My heart jumped to my throat. He wanted to see me agin? I replied:

"I enjoyed myself too. And yes! I would LOVE to see you tonight!! Textt me the details. 

                                       -Hayden xx"

I sent the message nervously. I paced around the house for 20 minutes waiting for him to reply. My phone let out a small chirp. I dove for it. I frantically opened the text:

"That's GREAT!! I will pick you up around 8:00. Wear something comfortable. xx" I melted to the floor. The rest of the day flew by quickly.

 I got dressed in my old skinny jeans and  my long-sleeve marathon t-shirt. I was ready about 20 minutes early. I decided to relax and read my "Hunger Games" book. I was just starting chapter 4 whenthe doorbell rang. I qickly grabbed my phone and sprang for the door. He stood in front of me looking so cute. He was wearing a button up plaid shirt and and a pair of blue denim jeans. 

"Hi" I said. "Hello. How are you?" He asked with a warm smile. "Good, thank you. What about you?" I asked closing the door and following him down the path. "Absolutely incredible." I giggled. Instead of driving he walked to my tiny apartment. I shivered. I forgot to bring a jacket." Here," He said noticing my shivers. "Take my jacket." I didn't refuse. I slipped the warm jacket on my body and pulled him close to my side. "Thank you." I said holding him close to me. We continued walking as I embraced him.

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