Hayden might just find the boy of her dream on her 18th birthday.


1. Dance

It's my birthday. I am finally 18! Ronnie and I are going out tonight but I don't know where. I sat on the white ceramic toilet as Ronnie curled my straight auburn hair into spirals. Next was my make-up. The eyeshadow I chose was very neutral and made my bright blue-eyes to pop. Earlier in the day, Ronnie and I went shopping for an amazing outfit. I bought for the night event, a sparkly silver mini-dress and matching silver stilettos. We quickly changed into our awesome outfits and were out the door. 

I jumped into the passenger seat of Ronnie's black punch bug. She made me wear an itchy blind fold so I couldn't see where she was taking me. "Drive faster, Ron!" I complained. I am a very impatient person. "We are almost there, Hayden!" She quickly responded. The small dark, car came to a stop and I realized we were outside of the town's only club, Dance.

After dancing for about two hours straight I got really thirsty. "I'll be right back." I hollered to her as she was squished between two really hot guys. I found an empty stool at the bar and ordered a coke. I rested my head in my hands. "Nice dress." I lifted my head to see a very handsome guy sitting next to me. "Thank you." I said back politely. "I am Liam." He stuck out his hand for me to shake. In return I stuck out my hand too. His hand was so warm and soft I didn't want him to let go. "Hayden. Nice to meet you." He smiled. "You too. So... what brings you here?" He asked seeming oddly interested. "Nothing to important. My friend Ronnie and I are just celebrating my 18th birthday." I said not seeming too braggy. "Well then, Happy Birthday!" Liam said enthusiastically. "Thank you."

Liam and I were still talking about two hours later. He told me about his world-famous band, One Direction. (I can't believe I haven't heard about them.) He also talked about the goofy members: Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis. I talked about my not so interesting music and Ronnie. I grabbed my old Blackberry about of my clutch and noticed it was already 2:00 a.m. i knew I had to go home but I really didn't want to leave Liam. After a long silence I said, "I really need to go home." "Please don't!" He pleaded. "I really have to though." He sighed. "Can I have your number then?" I smiled. "Of corse you can." We traded numbers and said our good-byes. I walked off to find Ronnie but I couldn't stop thinking about Liam. I turned around slightly to see him still smiling at me.

On my way home my mind was racing. Why do I like him so much? I wonder how good his band is? When I finally was ready for bed i still thought of him. I knew there would be some good dreams tonight. :) 

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