It Just Goes To Show

Cara was split up from her best friends and twin brother at the age of 11. They were all sent to different places for different talents. Except Cara. She's stuck serving people that she doesn't even know. She misses her friends and brother more than anyone could ever know. And a visit from her twin brother, Julian, kick starts a whole chain of events...


2. The visit...

Julian’s POV

I couldn’t wait to surprise my twin sister, Cara, by paying her a visit. It had been long overdue. We were twins, for heaven’s sake. We weren’t supposed to be this far apart!

I’d somehow managed to bag a visiting permit from one of the sports teachers are school. Something about working extra hard this term? I had no clue what she was on about. But at least it meant I got to see Cara again.

When I walked into the dusty, soapy smelling old room of the large manor house and saw Cara standing there, I almost didn’t recognise her. She had really changed. Her dark, long and silky hair was way past her shoulders by now and her emerald green eyes shone through clearly. I could tell she barely recognised me either.

“Hey sis.” I managed to struggle out but it sounded way more confident than I felt. Suddenly, she knew who I was and was squishing me in one of her bear hugs. I grinned happily, realising how much I’d missed my little sister. Well, she was younger by ... what? ... two minutes?

“Miss me?” I asked cheekily. Cara looked around at her friends. There was a tall brunette with the most stunning blue eyes and a crazy red head with the most curls I’d ever seen in my life. I noticed Cara roll her eyes, laughing.

“Don’t puss your luck, Julian.” She turned to her two friends who had clearly been doing the laundry. “Guys, this is my twin brother, Julian. Julian, these are my best friends, Holly and Jemima.” They gave me this odd sort of sighing “hi”. But don’t worry. I was used to girls swooning over me. And when I decided to give them an encouraging smile, Cara elbowed me in the ribs! Girls!

“What?!” I hissed quietly. I heard her laugh. Pulling her aside, I demanded she take me on a tour of the weird house because we had catching up to do. Four years worth of it. I was now starting to wish I’d come earlier. I should have come straight after we were sorted and visited frequently. But I hadn’t. I’d been an awful brother to Cara.

She led me along numerous amounts of corridors talking and remembering, before we stopped outside a large door and she pushed it open, explaining that it was her room as well as Holly’s and Jemima’s.

The room was slightly insane. With the pink walls and mixed personalities, it was sort of a beautiful mess, as Fabian might have said.

One corner of the room was blindingly bright with far too many teddies to be considered normal, and another corner was neat as a pin with a large bookcase stuffed to the max. I knew instantly neither of these sides were Cara’s. She was neither neat nor pink and preppy.

The last corner of the room was definitely Cara’s. There was lots of pictures from when we were younger and experimental drawings stuck in a messy collage above her bed. Her large side table was covered in her collection of memories. She loved to keep all these tiny things from days she wanted to remember.

I saw Cara looking around nervously. I felt rather nervous too. Cara and I had not seen each other for such a long time. Did we really know each other anymore? I put the thought from my mind. Of course we did! We were twins. We’d always have a special connection.

I scanned the table happily, thinking of good memories as I went along. There was a plastic bottle from the day I found out I was skilled at sports. A tooth pick from the time when Cara got tripped up in a football match because she was scoring most of the goals. There was even a piece of glass but I wasn’t sure what it was for.

“What was this for?” I asked suddenly, before I could stop myself. Cara smiled at it fondly. It was obviously a good memory then.

“That was from the day I met Holly and Jemima. We were walking outside and we saw Ms Sharp picking up broken glass shards. She demanded that we immediately help us clear up. That’s how we became friends.” She sighed happily and I grinned, happy she was smiling again. It had been way too long since I’d last seen her and I found myself missing everything about her by each second.

She placed the shimmering green shard down again as I scanned the table. The next thing I looked at was a pale guitar pick. It had been Fabian’s once but after writing his first song, he decided to give it to Cara and buy a new one. I smiled oddly, not quite understanding why Cara had kept something that was rather an insignificant day for her. I noticed her trace it delicately.

Suddenly, something caught my eye that I hadn’t expected to see. Lily’s bracelet. Why did Cara have it? Then, sadly, I remember. Lily had claimed she’d seen me behind a shed with another girl and dumped me. She stormed away and chucked the bracelet at Cara, screaming that she could keep the piece of junk.

We both knew it wasn’t a very happy day. Maybe she’s kept it because, looking back, it had been rather funny. Although, I’d never actually cheated on her...

“I wish we could see them again.” Cara said suddenly, interrupting my train of thoughts. I looked up at her, taking hold of her tiny warm hand, smiling sadly.

“So do I, Cara. So do I.” I replied, feeling tears sting dangerously in my eyes.

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