It Just Goes To Show

Cara was split up from her best friends and twin brother at the age of 11. They were all sent to different places for different talents. Except Cara. She's stuck serving people that she doesn't even know. She misses her friends and brother more than anyone could ever know. And a visit from her twin brother, Julian, kick starts a whole chain of events...


4. Rumour has it...

Lily’s POV

Life has got so much better since I moved to my new school. To be honest, I was glad to be rid of Julian, who couldn’t seem to take no for an answer. I’d never really been very close to Fabian anyway. The only person I vaguely missed was Cara. She really had been a great best friend. But I’m far better off now.

I made five new friends on my first day. We became the popular and exclusive group really quickly. There was Tom, who was totally hot with his jet black hair and ebony eyes. Then there was Gemma, sweet and innocent with way to many spots, masses of brown curls and mismatched brown and green eyes. She was a bit of a tag along...

 Next was Mia who was such a gossip. She had mousy brown hair that was always dead straight and piercing grey eyes. After her was Jonny, who had light brown hair and sweet light green eyes. But the total love of my life was my boyfriend, Alex. He had cropped golden hair and kind blue eyes. All the girls in my year totally like him but he’s all mine...

“Lily? You in there?” I heard Mia tap on my door. I shared with Gemma but would have much preferred to share with Mia but no. I had to share with spotty Gemma. Gemma wasn’t nearly as clever as Mia and I. She was rather good at scientific experiments but that was it. She was bad at everything else she tried.

“Yep, just come in Mia.” I replied as I placed my contacts in. She entered, smiling widely. I knew that look. She had some gossip for me. And I loved gossip. It made me have the edge over everyone else. And it felt good being powerful.

“Oh my god, you will not believe this!” Mia cried, dropping onto my bed, laughing softly to herself. I could barely wait to hear what ridiculous story she had now. Mia composed herself and sat up on my bed.

“You know that music and art school, what was it called ... St. Clare’s?” I nodded. It sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure why. “You know Brittany?” I nodded again. Didn’t everyone? “She has this huge crush on some geeky guy named Fabian! How gross is that?” Mia laughed to herself. I thought about this. Fabian? Brittany, popular and beautiful had a crush on Fabian? The same Fabian who was sweet, loyal but slightly weird.

“Oh god, is she trying to make herself unpopular?” I asked, scoffing at Brittany’s stupidity. God, she was clearly not interested in what people would say about her pathetic little fantasy. Anyway, would Fabian even go for a girl like her? He was always interested in people of his kind of ... status.

“Oh, and get this. There’s some girl at the sports school, Dosett Close, who’s claiming that she’s pregnant with some seriously fit guy called Julian. The whole schools talking about it and the two of them have had to go and sort it out with their Head!” This wasn’t welcome news. I hadn’t realised that Julian would have moved on. How stupid could I get? Anyway, I had Alex, who was so much better than Julian. I didn’t care that he’d got a girl pregnant...

“Earth to Lily...” Mia trailed off. I looked up to meet her grey eyes, which were looking curiously at me. Quickly flashing her a smile, I put my favourite dangly earrings in, which had been a gift from Alex. Mia smiled knowingly. The only thing unlikable about Mia was she was one of Alex’s fans. She totally had a crush on him and had done for ages. But, like I said, he was mine.

“Come on, Mia. Let’s get to class.” I said all of a sudden, a sharp edge to my voice. The jealousy was showing through and Mia knew it. “Mrs Darley will be waiting.” Mia followed obediently behind me and we entered the maths classroom.

Mrs Darley was Alex’s mother. Most of us didn’t know our parents. We spent like 24 hours with our parents when we were first born and then we were taken away to be raised by our teachers until we were 11. Sad, I know. Alex was the only person I knew that knew who his parents were.

She was very slim, and had Alex’s incredible hair. It curled right down to her waist but she had different eyes. They were a coal black. Every girl was jealous of Mrs Darley and her incredible ways to make any guy do what she wanted. I really, desperately wanted to be just like her.

“Lily, sit down quickly please.” Mrs Darley told me with a pretty smile printed on her face from ear to ear. I grinned back, noting that she had totally ignored Mia. She hated being ignored.

“Yes, Mrs Darley.” I replied sweetly, stealing a seat next to Alex. He winked at me, pulled his chair closer and laid his arm around my shoulders. I snuggled into his side, feeling a glow of heat rest into my cheeks.

Mia kept stealing obvious glances at Alex all lesson. What disturbed me the most was he kept doing that back. They would catch each other’s eyes for a brief moment, look at me, embarrassed, and then turn away.

Then, all of a sudden, Alex’s arm around my shoulder wasn’t so comforting. All the thrills of being near him were gone. And I didn’t care. I didn’t care! So I pushed up from my chair, taking Alex’s arm off me and walked out of the room, ignoring Mrs Darley’s protests for me to sit down.

I sat down on my bed, thinking about the events of my first lesson. Could it be that they were cheating on me? And even if they were, was it even possible that I didn’t care? I had liked Alex for what? Three years? And I no longer wanted anything to do with him. I found myself lying on my bed, finally at peace. And it felt great.

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