It Just Goes To Show

Cara was split up from her best friends and twin brother at the age of 11. They were all sent to different places for different talents. Except Cara. She's stuck serving people that she doesn't even know. She misses her friends and brother more than anyone could ever know. And a visit from her twin brother, Julian, kick starts a whole chain of events...


1. Introduction

Cara’s POV

I remember it as clear as day. The day of my assessment was torture. And I thought I’d done rather well. Obviously not...

Okay, I’ll explain what the hell I’m talking about now. When every child turns eleven, they undergo and assessment. The assessment would tell if you were sporty, clever or arty/musical. Or neither. Afterwards, you would be sent to the island that suited you best.

At age eleven, I was not incredibly clever, rather awful at art and music but actually okay at sport. My friends on the other hand, were the best at everything they did. There was my twin brother Julian. With his flicky light brown hair and lush brown eyes, he was a hit with both girls and boys. It helped that he was the best at sports.

Then there was Lily. She was the cleverest person I knew. You can guess where she went. She had beautiful golden hair, flawless skin and chocolaty brown eyes rimmed with black glasses.

Next there was Fabian. He was sweet and loyal with short cropped brown hair and glittering blue eyes. He was the artistic, musical guy of the group and totally useless in the presence of girls. Apart from me and Lily that was...

We were a team. All of us were friends forever, or so I thought. Our differences brought us together but they also drove us apart. We were split up. They sent us to different places.

Julian was sent to the sports school on a far out island and Lily and Fabian both got scholarships, Lily to a maths and science school, and Fabian at the art and music school. I, on the other hand, was sent to the servant’s island...

Now, four years later, I was still there. But I had new friends now. I hadn’t seen my twin brother or my two best friends since the day we’d all been shipped off. That kind of stung. I would have visited them but servants didn’t get visiting permits.

A kid from the maths and science school could visit someone whenever they wanted, a kid from the art and music school would have to win or work for their visiting permit and a kid from the sports school had to earn it. I didn’t get one. Ever. And no one ever came to see me.

I guess I did okay though. I made loads of really nice friends who were also servants. We’d sometimes get to go and serve at the other islands if we were really good. Right now, my best friends were two servant girls named Holly and Jemima.

Holly had shiny black hair and piercing blue eyes. She was drop dead gorgeous and got on with just about everybody. Jemima had red glasses, matching red hair and gorgeous brown eyes. She was the neat, sensible one out of the three of us. Although, she wasn’t all that bad.

“Cara, get up!” I heard Jemima snap for the third time that morning. I groaned, rolling onto my back. My dead straight, deep brown hair fell over my face messily. I quickly pushed some locks behind my ear.

“Ten more minutes.” I pleaded. “Please, Jemima.” She stubbornly shook her head and ripped the covers away. I yelped and curled myself quickly into a ball.

It took five more minutes of Holly and Jemima dragging me from my bed to get me up. All we did was clean. They sent all the dirty dishes and clothing from the other islands to us. We got the pleasure of cleaning it. How gross is that?

I got changed into my white buttoned up shirt and plain black skirt, as I did every other morning. I just about managed to rake a comb through my messy hair before Holly pulled me away from the mirror.

“You’re late.” Ms Sharp snapped as we entered the washing rooms. We were on cloth washing and drying duty today. I’ve never done anything quite so boring. Jemima elbowed me as if it were my fault we were late. I gave her a smirk.

“We’re really sorry, Ms Sharp. It won’t happen again.” Holly spoke up when she saw neither of us were going to. Ms Sharp glared at us the gestured for us to get out of her sight.

We got straight to work. Holly decided she was going to put all the clothes in the washing machines, Jemima was going to hang them up to dry and I got to fold and iron them. Yay...

I folded until my hands could take no more. I still had a pile of clothes to fold. I wasn’t going to finish for another twenty minutes and I desperately needed a lunch break.

I continued slowly, whilst Jemima and Holly sped up. I couldn’t understand how they kept going. Until I look more closely at a t-shirt I was ironing. It looked so familiar... It was the same top I’d gotten Fabian for his birthday four years ago.

It was a white polo with blue rims to match his eyes. I even checked for the name tag I put in. This was definitely Fabian’s top. I could barely believe he still had it.

As I was examining it closer, there was a sharp tap on the door. Holly, Jemima and I all turned swiftly to find Ms Sharp standing stiffly at the door.

“Miss Cara, you have a visitor.” She told me politely. I liked it when she acted nice in front of people. But who could possibly be coming to see me? Ms Sharp moved on promptly and out of the shadows stepped an unfamiliar figure.

This guy had light brown hair with a dash of gold streaks hidden in it and lush brown eyes that I knew I recognised. He was dressed in an immaculate white polo and rather casual jeans. Did I know this guy?

“Hey, sis.” He grinned finally. Julian? I squealed and ran up to him, squeezing him tightly. “Miss me?” He asked cheekily. I couldn’t believe how much he’d changed. I turned around to see my two friends peering at him with great interest. Oh dear... they fancied him. I could tell.

I’d seen so many girls fall for my brother that I knew the look of by heart. I had to keep my friends away from Julian. He was always such a player. I was sure nothing had changed at his sports school.

“Don’t push your luck, Julian.” I replied with a roll of my emerald green eyes. I turned to the eager Holly and Jemima. “Guys, this is my twin brother, Julian. Julian, these are my best friends, Holly and Jemima.” Julian gave them an a million dollar smile. I nudged him lightly with my arm and he almost silently whispered “what?!” I laughed. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have Julian around. I’d missed him. A lot. And I only just realised how much.

“You, missy, are giving me a tour. We’ve got a lot to catch up on.” Julian demanded, giving my two friends a half hearted wave. I heard them giggling and whispering as I left the room. Before I could stop myself, I found myself asking questions.

“So have you seen the others yet?”

“No, but I-”

“Why not?”

“I would have but-”

“Do you think they’re okay-“

“Cara, I have no idea!” Julian interrupted, fed up of my outbursts, but I could see he was entertained by it. “This is the first visiting permit I’ve been given. I’m trying to get another one to visit Fabian and Lily.” I nodded and pretended to zip my mouth and padlock it. Julian laughed, playing along, and unzipped my mouth.

“I miss them, Julian. I miss you.” I sniffed, suddenly feeling very soppy and sad. Julian’s eyes gleamed dangerously with tears and he nudged me playfully.

“Hey, don’t worry, Car. I’m here now.” He put an arm around me, giving me a strange kind of hug and we toured around the large manor house in which I lived and worked in.

When we got to my room, I wasn’t sure what he’d think. Holly and Jemima had put some strange things in there.

The room’s walls were painted pink. Holly had bright, colourful things, lots if pictures and stuffed teddies everywhere. Jemima on the other hand, hand huge book cases and a few pictures of relatives. My side was not nearly as exciting. I had stuck pictures and posters on the wall behind my bed like a giant collage. I had a couple of books on a small bookshelf above next to my bed and way too many items I had collected from my favourite memories. There was the bubblegum wrapper from Valentine’s Day six years ago when a boy names Harry asked me out. There was even an apple pip from the day of the assessment. I had every memory cluttered experimentally on my desk.

Julian inspected it fondly, looking closely at the things that he hadn’t seen before and asking me about them.

“What was this for?” He asked, pointing to a broken piece of glass. I smiled remembering that one very special day.

“That was from the day I met Holly and Jemima. We were walking outside and we saw Ms Sharp picking up broken glass shards. She demanded that we immediately help us clear up. That’s how we became friends.” I told him, sighing happily and placing it carefully down on the table again. He looked at them again but this time paused at a different object. It was a guitar pick. Julian and I both remembered this memory. It was the day Fabian wrote his first song. He was so happy that he gave me his old guitar pick and bought a new one. I thought it was rather strange but it was a good memory.

“That day was a nice day.” Julian smiled fondly. I nodded, tracing the outline of the pick lightly. All of a sudden, he scooped up another item. I didn’t even have to look to know what he’d picked up. It was the bracelet he’d given Lily. They’d gone out for about a week. He gave her the bracelet but she claimed to have seen him cheating on her. She gave it to me in a fit of rage. Julian’s eyes turned sad.

“I wish we could see them again.” I sighed, thinking of all the good times we’d spent together. Why did we have to get split up? Julian nodded in agreement. He took hold of my hand, placing the golden charm bracelet down carefully.

“So do I, Cara. So do I.”

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