It Just Goes To Show

Cara was split up from her best friends and twin brother at the age of 11. They were all sent to different places for different talents. Except Cara. She's stuck serving people that she doesn't even know. She misses her friends and brother more than anyone could ever know. And a visit from her twin brother, Julian, kick starts a whole chain of events...


3. Girls!

Fabian’s POV

As I was finishing a quick painting of the meadows just five minutes away from our large, beautiful school, Riley, my roommate walked in. He had shaggy brown hair and cold grey eyes. Riley was the ‘cool guy’ at school even though he never bothered with anything. I wasn’t even sure how he got into our school. He could sing but that was basically it.

“Hey dude.” Riley grunted as he dropped down onto his disgusting bed. It was covered in sweet rappers and I swear once I saw a couple of beer cans. I put the note pad down, sitting up.

“Fabian is fine, dude.” I replied in annoyance. Riley’s eyes flickered for a moment but he simply placed some head phones over his ears and left me to myself. I looked down at my painting with a sudden urge to rip it up in anger. I’d always had anger issues. They weren’t too bad and I pretty much had control of them but sometimes urges were really tempting. But I took a deep breath and threw the note pad onto the floor before I could.

There was a soft tap at the door.

“Yeah?” Riley yelled over his head phones, ridiculously loud. The door opened swiftly. Brittany was standing at the door, looking flawless in her blue school skirt and blazer with a clean white shirt. For a moment, I was transfixed.

“Hey.” I managed. Riley took off his head phones, shooting a flirty smile her way. I looked down, remembering that Riley was the popular guy and she was probably here to see him.

“Fabian, Miss Harlington wants us to get started on a collaboration piece for the end of the year production.” I was speechless. I was doing a collaboration piece with Brittany? Wow... What was there to say to that?

Riley looked irritated and replaced his head phones, humming loudly. Brittany shot him a curiously look and I reminded myself that she had to partner with me, it wasn’t like she wanted to.

“Yeah... I’ll catch you up, okay?” She nodded, smiling prettily and left. I quickly grabbed a clean polo and jeans and threw them on. First, I had to go to the Head’s office. He’d asked me to come and see him. God knows why.

I knocked patiently on the door but there was no reply. I assumed the Head master was not there but when the door slowly creaked open, I walked in anyway.

There were hundreds of papers spread messily across the desk. I peeked over to have a quick look. One in particular had caught my eye. It was of a large map. On that map was a red circle surrounding five miniscule islands compared to the rest of the large looking countries. I didn’t understand. These places didn’t exist. Why did the Head Master have an edited map? It didn’t make sense.

I walked away from the desk, deciding it was none of my business and I shouldn’t even be in there. I quickened my pace as I shut the door and sped down the corridor. I had to go and see Brittany. And I could barely wait.

When I got to the large practice room she had chosen, I found her sitting straight back, playing a sweet tune on the piano. I tapped on the door.

“Hey, you sound good.” She turned in surprise then blushed. “Well, not you sound good ... you’re playing, I meant.” I fumbled for words and ran a hand through my hair, silently cursing myself for acting like such an idiot. To my surprise, her grin widened and she patted the seat next to hers. I lowered myself nervously.

“Thanks, Fabian.” Brittany blushed deeper and fumbled inside her bag. After a while, she brought out a special note pad with musical note lines on it. She then took out a normal one, obviously for our lyrics. I had no idea where to start. Brittany turned towards me, looking straight into my eyes with those pale blue eyes. I noticed how her curly blond hair framed her face beautifully. I looked at the piano just as she did.

“So... what should we write the song about?” She asked finally. Honestly? I had no clue. All the ideas I’d once had were now gone. Brilliant Fabian, just brilliant. I was so stupid. I ruffled my cropped brown hair nervously, thinking hard.

“I really can’t think right now. Have you got any ideas?” I asked, now thoroughly embarrassed. Brittany smiled shyly and flicked through the note pad, showing me some lyrics for a song. Okay, they were amazing, just like her. But they were about a guy she liked... I felt awkward. I liked her and she was making me write a song with her about another guy?! This was so messed up! I bet it’s about Riley, I thought miserably.

“Wow... these are... amazing, Brittany! Do you have a tune?” I managed to choke out, feeling my throat block up. This was just plain torture. She shook her head, blushing crimson.

We worked on the song for an hour or so before I announced that I had homework to do and quickly departed. I’d never done something quite so painful. Riley sat up rather quickly when I entered the room.

“So...?” He asked, a teasing note in his deep, husky voice. “How was your date?” I ignored him, clenching my fists angrily. He was taking the piss. I knew that. And I also knew he was interested in Brittany. He just pretended not to be.

“It wasn’t a date, Riley. We were just-”

“Cuddling up in a practice room?” Riley raised an eyebrow. I turned around, a look of sheer annoyance printed on my face. Riley was simply acting unbothered but he was only asking because he wanted to know whether I was competition or not. Of course, I wasn’t. 

“Riley, we were working on a project. That’s it.” I replied, slamming the bathroom door and started to get ready for bed.

Of course, I couldn’t sleep. And when I did sleep, I was tormented by horrid nightmares. Brittany was in one. It started off okay.

I walked into a blinding white room with an elegant black piano. Brittany was sat in front of it, playing our new song and singing it like a lullaby to herself. Riley shoved me in the back and sent me tumbling. They both shrieked with laughter and Brittany went and stood with Riley. I woke up just as they were leaning in.

I felt awful for the whole of the next week. I spent most of my lunch breaks avoiding her and hanging out with my two closest friends, Noah and Sylvie. Noah was a guitarists and Sylvie was a brilliant painter. They were great company and we told each other basically everything.

We were sitting together one lunch time when Brittany spotted us. She waved enthusiastically and walked over. She looked even more stunning than I remembered. I sighed, turning around to wave back, a fake smile printed on my face.

“Fabian! It feels like I haven’t seen you in ages.” She emphasised the word ‘ages’ and I wasn’t sure why. I nodded in agreement thinking she probably hadn’t given me a second thought all week. Her captivating eyes sealed to mine for a few seconds.

“Yeah... I’ve just been busy. Homework...” I replied, trying to sound casual as I pulled a hand through my messy hair. Brittany’s face grew slightly less enthusiastic and she put on a brave smile before walking away. Sylvie grabbed my arm viciously.

“What was that?” She demanded. “You totally just rejected Brittany!” I frowned at her, raising an eyebrow. Me, reject her? It was the other way round! I continued to eat my cheese and ham sandwich, ignoring them.

“Seriously, Fabian.” Noah put in after awhile. “She likes you. Why’d you push her away?” I rolled my eyes, moving my eyes to look at my two friends. They couldn’t be serious. Brittany liked Riley, not me!

“Because she likes someone else. Not me.” I replied coldly. This wasn’t really something I wanted to be discussing with Noah and Sylvie right now. I pulled back in my chair and got up, collecting things. “We’ll talk later.” With that, I walked back to my dorm room. Riley was not in the room, probably with his gang or Brittany, I though sourly. She clearly didn’t like me. I had no clue why Sylvie and Noah thought she did but I knew they were crazy.

I riffled through my stuff, in search of something to paint to calm me down. I found a picture I painted at least a thousand different ways. It was of me, Lily, Julian and his twin sister Cara. We all looked so happy with our arms around each other. That was when things were simple.

I pulled out my old sketch book and found all my older paintings of this photo. There was a full one, a couple of Julian and Lily, arm in arm, quite a few of Cara and I and a few singular paintings. They had all taken me a long time but I’d found that it soothed my anger and loss. On my first year, I’d desperately worked for a visiting permit but had been unsuccessful. By then, I had new friends and a new life. But I could never forget.

I looked closely at my old friends, wondering if they still looked the same. Julian, tall and muscular. Lily, small, slim and blond with glasses. And then Cara. Small, chubby faced with pretty green eyes. It had been four years. Of course, they must have changed. I just wondered how.

After a long time reminiscing happy memories, I decided to repaint the pictures again. I had no idea why I was doing it but it felt good to remember them by painting their faces so I’d never forget.

As I was drawing out the photo, Riley kicked the door open angrily. He stormed over to me, yanked me up by my collar and shoved his face in front of mine.

“What did you say to her?” He snarled accusingly. I stared at him in total utter confusion. I took his hands off my collar and moved back instinctively. He looked like he wanted to rip my throat out.

“Say what to who?” I asked in bewilderment. Surely, he saw I didn’t know what he was talking about. He stomped his foot childishly. Moving back slowly, I watched him cautiously.

“I asked Brittany out and she said no because there was someone else. What did you say to her to make her say no?” He shouted. What the heck? I hadn’t said much to her in that week, let alone advise her on who to date. In fact I’d been avoiding that subject.

“I didn’t say anything to her.” I replied calmly, dodging a football he threw my way. “I swear!” I cried out as the football bounced its way towards all my paints and my newly drawn painting. I saw the disaster before it happened.

The football knocked into my paints and the dirty glass of paint mixed with water spilling it all on the note pad. I groaned and quickly opened a window a let it drip onto the grass outside.

“Riley, you idiot!” I hissed, looking the paint spread across the floor. Riley’s scowl deepened and he walked to the door.

“Serves you right, girlfriend stealer.” He replied coldly before slamming the door and leaving me to clean up his mess, as per usual.


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