It's Really You.

This is a story about a girl named shaylee (shay) when she was 12 she was best friends with Harry Niall Louis Zayn and Liam they were not separated ever until she had to move to America. The boys didn't want her to move but she had to move with her dad. What will happens 6 years latter when she moves back with her mom? And the boys are visiting her mom at the same time she arrives will they remember her and all fall in love with her? (Read to find out) this is my first fanfic tell me what you think.(:


3. Really important A/N PLEASE READ

Okay so I have no ideas so if you have any put them in comments and I'm looking fo a CO-OWNER if you want to help me write this book tell me ill make you a CO-OWNER :D !!!

GUESS WHAT :D I'm gonna try out for X-Factor wish me good luck but I'm not going any time soon ill let you no when I'm going I just hope I make it

PS : I need 5 to 10 likes for the next chapter sorry :) but the next chaper is gonna be CRAZY with all her causins and her famous one :D and please don't get mad at me for not making long chapters I'm not good at it and put what you think is gonna be next it's gonna be pretty juicy (: love you all my CARROTS <33

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