It's Really You.

This is a story about a girl named shaylee (shay) when she was 12 she was best friends with Harry Niall Louis Zayn and Liam they were not separated ever until she had to move to America. The boys didn't want her to move but she had to move with her dad. What will happens 6 years latter when she moves back with her mom? And the boys are visiting her mom at the same time she arrives will they remember her and all fall in love with her? (Read to find out) this is my first fanfic tell me what you think.(:


5. Numbers

*****Sophie's P.O.V.*****

They gave Shay two backstage passes. Zayn winked at her. And Niall, he blew me a kiss! After the concert, which was amazing I couldn't believe I didn't like them before,we went backstage.

"Shay! Oh my God we missed you so much!" Louis said while giving her a bear hug. Zayn's eyes lingered in Shay's direction.

"So, Shay, you going to introduce us to your friend?" Niall asked.

"Oh! Right. This is Sophie." she said. Niall nodded at me. The rest of the night was perfect. We all decided to keep in touch, and Niall asked for my number! Then, when we left, he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Text me babe," he said. Oh my God Niall Horan just called me babe!

"Don't count on it," I replied, smirking. Shay and I went to the car.

"Niall likes you!" Shay exclaimed.

"Zayn likes you!" I exclaimed, mocking her. She gave me a shove.

*****three months later*****

Niall and I kept in touch, and so did Zayn and Shay, for about a month. I was now a major directioner.

"Turn on the TV, ABC has a One Direction interview," Shay said to me. I did as told.

"Here we have One Direction!" the interviewer exclaimed.

"Hello boys! So, the main question, who is single?" she asked them. All the boys raised their hands except Zayn and Louis.

"As you all know, El and I are still strong," Louis said.

"I met a new girl named Perrie. She is in a band called Little Mix," Zayn said. I looked over at Sophie just in time to catch her from falling over. 

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