It's Really You.

This is a story about a girl named shaylee (shay) when she was 12 she was best friends with Harry Niall Louis Zayn and Liam they were not separated ever until she had to move to America. The boys didn't want her to move but she had to move with her dad. What will happens 6 years latter when she moves back with her mom? And the boys are visiting her mom at the same time she arrives will they remember her and all fall in love with her? (Read to find out) this is my first fanfic tell me what you think.(:


1. 6 Years Ago

Shay's P.O.V.

"We're not gonna let you leave us," Niall said while holding my waist. " I have to, I'm so sorry, I don't have a choice," I said, trying to hold back all my tears. " We're gonna miss you so much, you know that right?" Liam said. "Yeah, but I promise we will see each other again," I said with tears streaming down my face. "Please don't cry we love you so much," Harry said as he wiped my tears away. " I love you guys too," I said with a smile. "Shay, time to go!" my dad yelled from the other side of the airport. " Bye guys," I say giving them big hugs "Bye," they all say with tears in their eyes.

A/N : Sorry for the short chapter guys this is all new to me but thx for reading I will update soon any ideas comment and ill use them please thanks(: XX CarrotsLuvMe

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