It's Really You.

This is a story about a girl named shaylee (shay) when she was 12 she was best friends with Harry Niall Louis Zayn and Liam they were not separated ever until she had to move to America. The boys didn't want her to move but she had to move with her dad. What will happens 6 years latter when she moves back with her mom? And the boys are visiting her mom at the same time she arrives will they remember her and all fall in love with her? (Read to find out) this is my first fanfic tell me what you think.(:


4. 3 Years Later...Do I Know You?

A/N: Hey guys !It's MayaPayne, the new co-author/owner of this story! I have school and homework over the week so I may not update often, sorry. If you guys want to email suggestions to me my email is: (my movellas email). Luv ya guys to pieces!

Glen Coco (MayaPayne)

Shay's P.O.V.

"Oh my carrots! Sophie, I got us tickets to a One Direction concert, front row!" I said into the phone to my best friend, Sophie Wright. "Ahh! I love you so much!" she shrieked. "It's on Saturday! Maybe you can meet Louis and I can meet Zayn! That would be so cool," I said. My amazing stepmom, Linda (Lin), got me tickets to the concert since she works in that arena. They were my favorite band because they were from England, where I used to live. I had five best guy friends, but I forgot their names. All I remember was that one boy was from Ireland, like Niall, and one I managed to kiss. I think his name started with a Z, but it couldn't have been Zayn Malik from One Direction because my Z-boy had an I in his name for sure. "I know, right? I'll pick you up later and we could watch Mean Girls again and laugh at Lea and Britney for being like Gretchen and Karen to Regina, a.k.a. Cara! Love ya," she said. "Bye," I said and hung up.


"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ONE DIRECTION!" an unseen announcer boomed. All five boys ran onstage. They looked so gorgeous in person! Yet even more familiar...grr...why can't I put my finger on it? As Sophie and I were screaming, Zayn Malik looked at me. At me! "Holy s***," he whispered. Niall ran up to him. "What is it mate? Everything-oh my God," he said. Liam ran up to me as well. "Oh my, SHAY!" he exclaimed. All the sudden, everything clicked. These were my old best friends, the ones that I shared so many memories with. That Zayn Malik, was the same Zain Malik I kissed almost five years ago. 


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