Evie Garret

"You don't know what your alive for untill you know what you would die for"
Evie is going home after a long trip with her family. Well what's left of her family. Deep down she is struck with depression but secretly pretending it's not there. What happens when she meets someone who lifts her out of her deep dark hole and into a new world, but ending in death and heartbreak.


3. Hey there stranger

Evies POV:
I awoke to a cold breeze drifting through my room. I pulled my covers over my shoulders filling my body with warmth. The breeze hit me again. DARN I thought wanting to drift back into my deep sleep. I got up doing the most unatractive stretching and yawning. I dressed and headed down stairs. I haven't been feeling well since we got home. Mabey I was just depressed I thought trying to think nothing of it. I was to lazy to make breakfast so I decided to head down to the bakery. I walked there enjoying the weather and the nice breeze untill I stopped at the little corner shop. I opened the door listening to the bells that rang as I did. "good morning" Miss said a man behind the counter. "oh hello good morning to you too" I replyed smiling at his welcoming greeting. I walked up to him ordering a tea and pastry. I took my seat in the corner and started munching on my pastry as I read my favorite book. The bell rang interrupting my read making me start over the sentence. I felt a presence above me and then I heard a familiar voice say.... "hey there stranger"

Harry's POV:
I walked up to my favorite corner bakery deciding on what to get as I saw a familiar face through the window. Evie was in the bakery. Questions filled my head like what should I do? Or what should I say? Should I walk up to her? I thought of the perfect thing. I walked into the bakery heading over to her. "hey there stranger" I said making her look up with a huge grin on her face which made me blush a bit. Just a little though. "HI Harry" she replyed gesturing for me to sit. I took a seat and said.. "so Evie what brings you to my favorite bakery" "I'm just to lazy to make breakfast and guess what" she told me " what?" I asked really curious about what she was going to say "it's my favorite bakery too" she said scribbling something on a napkin. She handed to me an winked. Before I could say anything she left. She wrote down her number wow and I thought the boys usually make the first move but no this ones strong.. This ones a keeper I whispers to myself.

Evies POV:
Ohh My God I didn't think I was capable of that. I thought to myself. Did I really give Harry styles my number...... I dialed jays number but it went to voicemail I called again and he answere "hey there girlie what's up" he said "jay I JUST GAVE HARRY MY number, i made the first move not him me" I almost screamed into his ear... "calm down" he said making it seem like it was no big deal and then "ahhhhhhhh omg I'm so happy for you Evie ahhhhh good job fantastic, wonderful, I'm so proud of you" he told me "but I'm working so I have go by love" and then he hung up. I was so happy right now not because I gave Harry styles from one direction my number but I gave this cute sweet guy that I just meet my cell. I was screaming on the inside. I couldn't stop picturing his green eyes and his hair and omg just him. Hes so perfect. But wait.. Wait what if he was just looking for a friend.. O shit. Did I just make a mistake I thought. No even if he just wanted a friend I didn't do anything to make him think I was looking for a relationship. Which I wasn't really I guess I just wanted a friend too. I shook of the whole relationship thing and walked down the drive to my house. I went up stairs to take a shower when I got a text..
Unknown: hey it's Harry... Do maybe want to hang out later
Me: hi Harry sure where? I texted back saving him to my contacts
Harry: o I have a place in mind. Text me your adress and I will pick you up.
I texted him my adress and then hopped into the shower. I let the nice cold water soak into my skin as I washed my hair. I hopped out and put on a ruffled light blue tank top and some shorts. "hey dad I'm going out with a friend" I said heading to the door... "what friend?" he asked "oh I don't think you know him" I said kinda scared because I didn't want him to know I was going out with some stranger wich wasnt completely true. "him?" he said "ya and dad were just friends don't worry" I said and headed out closing the door behind me. My dad always got wierd when I mentioned I was going out with a boy probably because he never had "the talk" with me. My mom covered that part, but now that she's gone hes probably wondering what I'm doing on my dates of you know what I mean. He still thinks Jay and I well you know, but I informed him that I'm still a virgin which made that very awkward. I sat down on a bench on my street. A car pulled up with tinted windows. Thinking it was Harry I got up. The window rolled down and then a boy about my age said "need a ride?" judging by his voice he was drunk and so were his friends in the back seat. "um no im fine" I said walking away towards Harry's direction. "come on baby you look kinda lonely" the back door opened and a boy hopped out "get in hot stuff" he said. "like I said I'm fine" I told him walking away faster. "your not going anywhere love" he said grabbing my arm. " LET GO" I screamed kicking him in the groin and running away. He was on his knees as I ran I to an alley. I saw the car come up behind me and out hopped the driver, but this time it was Harry. I ran towards him as he embraced me In a hug. "what happened" he asked "I don't know I was waiting for you and they came and I ran. How did you find me?" I asked in tears. Well I was driving and I saw you run into an alley. Then I saw a man kneeling on the floor so drove into the alley." he said leading me towards the car. "thank you Harry. I hope this doesn't ruin the rest of our evening" I said looking at him as I hopped into the passenger seat. "if you still want to go" he asked "of course I do. Let's just pretend that never happened please?" I told him "are you sure" he asked hopping into the drivers seat. I nodded my head and we were on our way. He stopped at parking lot and turned to me. "Im gonna blind fold you the rest of the way. Do you trust me" he said in his sexy accent. "of course" I replyed smiling. Truefully I was a bit scared but I knew Harry wouldn't hurt me. He guided me somewhere with a bumby road. Then we got to a grass area. "ok I'm going to in blindfold you he said. I opened my eyes and stood in awe. It was beautiful, we were In this meadow with trees all around. There was a tree house off in a corner near a swing set. We were on a hill and down below us was a creek. "Harry its.. It's" he finished my sentence "amazing.... I've gone here since I was 12" he paused and then looked at me " Ive never shared it with any one.".....

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