Evie Garret

"You don't know what your alive for untill you know what you would die for"
Evie is going home after a long trip with her family. Well what's left of her family. Deep down she is struck with depression but secretly pretending it's not there. What happens when she meets someone who lifts her out of her deep dark hole and into a new world, but ending in death and heartbreak.


2. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Harry's POV
I had the biggest grin on my face as I walked away. Evie.... I thought....... What a beautiful name. Her eyes were dazziling blue, but they weren't just blue they had all shades of green and even some grey. I loved how she smiled, the way it lit up her face was brilliant. and then it hit me.. Im probably never going to see this girl again. The girl that stole my heart in just a couple of minutes. My grin slowly faded as I tryed my best to push the thought away not wanting to feel as if I just lost everything. My chance to finally meet someone that I could make happy... That could make me happy was gone. To make things worse it started to rain. I slowly pulled my hood over my head covering my eyes just enough not to be recognized.

Evies POV
I drove off into the rain thinking about my encounter with those sparkling green eyes that resembled libbys. I felt tingly all over what had this boy done to me I thought. I had butterfly's not only in my belly but everywhere my arms, hands, legs, feet, and even my..... Heart. Do I have some kind of love sickness If that's even what's its called I wondered. I chuckled at the saying... "love sickness" such a funny phrase. I pulled up into the drive and parked my car. I hopped out and entered my quite house probably because I'm the only early bird in this family I thought. I unpacked the groceries and started breakfast. I made some waffles along with bacon. My dad made his way down the stairs as I was placing the food on the round table. He gave me a kiss and a "good morning pumpkin" and then sat down to eat. Just as he was about to say something jasper came running down the stairs embracing me with a hug. "WAFFLES!!" he screamed piling one into his mouth. "I love you Evie" he said to me with a mouth filled with food. "I love you too" I replyed laughing. "by guys.. I would love to stay but I'm going out with Nicolle" jasper said grabbing his keys and heading out to spend time with his girlfriend. "well I guess it's just you and me dad" I said trying to brighten the mood. "actually Im going back to bed I'm a bit tired mabey you can go out shopping" he said while yawning. "ohh alright but I don't have money" I told him with pleading eyes "ugh ok here you go pumpkin" he said handing me some cash. "thanks dad see ya later" I said. I changed into some decent clothes and headed out. I broused some stores and bought some cute clothes. I also got a pair of flats and a dress. I felt that I will need them some time. I Threw my new items into the car and headed to my favorite lunch place. My friend Jay worked there so I decided to suprise my gay BFF. I got to the store and walked in. Jay didn't seem to notice me so I decided to something unexpected. " name and number of people please" he said in a glum voice. "Taylor swift.. Party for 1" I said in my best american accent. "o my god EVIE" he almost screamed jumping up and down. " did ya miss me" I said with a giggle "omg girl its been so lonely without you... Anyway I get off in 15 min we can catch up then in the meantime you got to order or get out" he said snapping his fingers " hah ok ok I'll order a water please" I said " I mean something that cost cash" he told me " ok fine ill wait for you outside" I said giving him The puppy dog face and left. 10 minutes later he came out and greeted me properly with a warm hug. "so who's the lucky guy" jay asked me with a smile.. "I don't know what you mean." I replyed blushing "come on Evie your all smiley and cheery.... Spill" he said "ok ok" I said as I told him about my encounter with Harry styles. "holy sh*t Evie omg I can't believe this ahhhhh" he said giving me a hug. "Yaa well I'm never gonna see him again I just need to forget it happened and just push the thoughts away." I told him.... We then had this big discussion and before I knew it the day ended. I said goodbye to jay and told him to text me later. I headed home thinking about that question jay asked me... "do you believe in love at first sight"
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