Royal Pain in the...heart?

I'm a regular, fourteen year old girl. I like listening to music, gossiping and flirting with boys, just like you do. Except there's one difference that's hard to overlook. I'm a princess.

I can't go out with anyone without approval from my mom. MAJOR morto. So what will she say when Lucas Wood starts capturing my heart with those sky-blue eyes...?


1. Chapter 1

Euugh. Time is not on my side and I have just woken up with fifteen minutes to get ready and go to school. Messy hair? Check. Ugly pimples? Check. Not confident? Definitely check. Thank the Lord someone invented hairbrushes and concealer.

                                            I run downstairs. Of course, my whole family is relaxing. "Why didn't you wake me up?' I say with a bit of hostility. "Well, Louisa, your baby sister here is just so cute, and then I heard Littlewoods were having a sale, so I had to see what was going on there!" my mom replies. I grab a slice of toast that my Father had on his plate and ran for the door. "Where are you off to?" My dad shouts down the hallway. "Erm, where would I be going?! School!" I shout back. "School on a Saturday Louisa? I don't think your school opens on a Satu-" "What?" I say, my mouth gaping. "You heard me! Now go call Jennifer or Katy and invite them over." All. That. Rushing. For. Nothing. Oh well, I'll call Katy and tell her to bring her make-up bag and some Taytos.

                                                                                                     "I'm telling you Lou! He actually looked at me. Can you imagine?" she said in one big rush as the clinking sound of foundation bottles fell on my bed. I try to pretend to be happy for her while eating the Taytos. Although I really should be happy for Katy (she gets worked up when the guy she likes, Thom, looks at her) I hate thinking that I'll never have the same oppurtunities as her: discos, school trips..the list is endless. She seems to remember and her expression softens. "Oh...Lou" My expression is bland when she hugs me, but I'm glad she's there. I really need a friend right now. Bland quickly turns to worried though as I can see Katy's eyes light up. "No Katy. Whatever is about to come out of your mouth, I know it's a bad idea" I say sternly. "Well, I guess I'll have to tutor Lucas Wood Geography by myself-" I do a double take as I take in what she's saying. She notices, and goes: "Uh-huh. I saw a poster on the notice board saying call Lucas Wood on: 057-344926 if interested in becoming a Geography tutor." My eyes gleam and I'm becoming ecstatic. Geography is my best subject! "Think about it, Louisa...Geography is your best subject...Lucas Wood is looking for a Geography tutor...what else do I have to say?" Katy says. Before I have time to agree, my fingers are already dialing the number on my phone. After a few agonizing seconds, a sweet, earthy voice that threatens to melt my heart answers and says: "Hello?"

                                                     *     *     *

It is only 10:30, but I go to bed anyway. As I rest my head on the cool, soft pillow case, I twirl a lock of my hair as I replay my conversation with Lucas over and over again:

Lucas: Hello?

Me: Hi. I'm Louisa Williams? I saw your ad asking for a Geography tutor. I thought since I felt Math was my strongest subject, I'd, to apply.

Lucas: Oh, hi Louisa! That's great. Could you stay for 40 minutes extra after school? I told Mr. Johnson that I'd be saving Room 9 for 4:00-4:40, every Tuesday for-

Me: Oh, that's fine...I'll be there on Tuesday...I guess I'll see you on Monday though?

Lucas: Oh yeah..sure. See you on Monday!

Me: Bye

Oh I have to put phase Two into action: Beg and plead Mom to let me do it.

                                                    *     *    *

The only opppurtunity I have to talk to Mom today is when she's finished at the press conference after some idiot spread a rumour  that my father was a criminal before he met Mom. Well that aside, I put on my sweetest (It's almost overkill) voice and asked her how it went. "I guess I proved my point. I made a speech, and then everyone asked questions. But then someone spilt water on my Givenchy skirt" she says. I think I can hear steam coming out of her ears. Uh-oh. The only oppurtunity I have to talk to her and she's in a bad mood. i guess here it goes: "Someone in school applied for a Geography tutor. Since Geography is my best subject, I applied for it" I say as cooly and calmly as I dare. I can see Mom has put a cautious expression on her face, so I sit there, ready for all the questions. "Do you know them well?" "Of course I do. I would never do it unless I knew them well." "Well...who/when/where/how?" she says slowly. "His name is Lucas. He said Mr.Johnson said we could have Room 9 for an extra 40 minutes after school on Tuesdays" I spill out. My breathing and heartbeat increase as I think of those sky blue eyes that my tree green ones flit away from (very romantic, I know) Two or three minutes pass as Mom thinks this through. "Alright" she leans close to my face and quitens her tone in a dangerous way. "Take this as a pre-caution now Louisa; you know what lifestyle we live, who we are to Great Britian. If you step out of line with royal protocol, you know what will happen" i.e, if I step out of line, I'm dis-owned.


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