Too Close ~ (One Direction Not Famous)

Sophie and Niall have been best friends for years. But at the start of year 11, Sophie sees something different in him. Not only must Sophie cope with her own runaway feelings but she also has to try to keep up with the crazy lives of her other friends.

Will anything ever be simple?


4. Turn Around


“Hi I’m Harry, Harry Styles. I’m new here. It’s Mr. Allen right?” said the boy stood at the door. He was utterly gorgeous! He had flawless skin which showed dimples when he smiled and his green/blue eyes were framed by a mass of brown curly hair.

“Wow!” said Anna, breaking her uncharacteristic silence. “I call dibs” she whispered cheekily.

                “Welcome to the class. But please don’t be late again – it will not be tolerated” snapped Mr. Allen. “You may choose where to sit today but as of tomorrow, you, and the rest of the class for that matter, in a boy-girl sleeping plan”. So sir was clearly his usual cheery self.

                “Yes sir” said Harry, scanning the room for a good place to sit. I saw his eyes linger on Anna a little longer before he continued to gaze around.

                “We haven’t got all day young man!” Mr. Allen was getting impatient.         

“I know but there are just so many people I want to get to know” said Harry cheekily. He finished with a wink in Anna’s direction. I think she died momentarily.

                “Well if you can’t make up your mind, I will do it for you” said Mr. Allen laughing at his own ‘hilarity’. “You may sit at the front where I can see you”.

                Anna grabbed my leg under the table.  Sir ad indicated the table in front of us and Anna was clearly very happy about it. Harry grinned, showing off his cute dimples again, and made his way towards us. His curls bounced as he walked. He swung his Fred Perry bag under the table and slid in to his chair where he sat with his arms folded across his chest.

                I looked at Anna to see that she had managed to tear her eyes away from Harry and was trying to get my attention. “Phwoar!!” she mouthed, causing me to giggle. However I must have laughed a bit too loudly because Harry spun round, eyeing me quizzically. “Sorry!” I quickly apologised.

                “S’alright” he replied. “So what are your names?” he asked.

“I’m Sophie” I told him flashing a quick smile.

“My name’s Anna!” she blurted before blushing scarlet.

“Anna. That’s a pretty name” said Harry, winking once again. I swear I heard Anna’s heart go into overdrive!

                Just then the bell rang. As everyone gathered their stuff and began to leave, I asked Harry what his first lesson was. “Ermmm… history with Mrs. Goldwin” he replied, studying his already creased timetable.

                “OMG me too!” piped up Anna.

“Well we can walk together then” he said, grinning at Anna. “See you later… Sophie right?”.

“Yep that’s me!” I replied. “Bye Anna! See you at break”. I don’t think she heard me though; she was too busy gazing at Harry! I grinned at the prospect of the speech I would no doubt receive later about how amazing he was. It was about time she got all loved up!

                My first lesson of the day was French. I had always enjoyed languages and was fairly good at them. It was something about being able to communicate people from different countries in their own language that attracted me too it.

                I entered the classroom having battled through thousands of year 7’s in the corridor. Immediately I saw Millie who smiled and waved at me. I beamed back and went to take my place next to her.

 “Heya Soph! How’s it going?” she asked hugging me. It seemed like it had been ages since I last saw her.

“I am good! You?” I replied.

“Not too bad. Not exactly psyched about being back at school though!” she laughed.

Just then our teacher walked in with a cheery “Bonjour!”, “Bonjour” the class chanted back monotonously. “Okay, how about we all start with a game to get you all warmed up?”  The mood of the class lifted instantly. We had been back all of five minutes and already we were looking for ways to escape work!

                Just then, the door burst open and in tumbled Lucy and her boyfriend Zayn, hand in hand. They were both giggling and glancing at one another. “Sit down you two! I will let you off today but don’t be late again”. Lucy and Zayn looked at each other again and burst back into laughter before walking to their seats behind me, still hand in hand.

                I turned around to raise my eyebrows at Lucy. “What were you two up to?” I asked knowingly. She once again cracked up and winked at me. On second thoughts, maybe I didn’t want to know!

                The rest of French was pretty uneventful and the rest of the morning followed in the same way. After what seemed like forever, the bell went signalling the start of break. I jumped and walked quickly out of maths, not wanting to hang around longer than I had to. I entered the familiar canteen and breathed in the smell of gross school dinners. I soon spotted Millie, Anna, Lucy and Alice satin our usual spot. As I made my way over, I noticed Anna was talking animatedly and the others were listening intently. It was pretty obvious she was talking about Harry!

                I sat down on the blue plastic chair next to Alice and was welcomed with a cheery chorus of “Hey Soph!” before Anna launched back into “Anyways…”. She told us how they had pretty much all of the same lessons and how he had told her he would add her on Facebook. She finished, grinning. “Ahh you are so in there!” said Lucy. We all agreed, telling Anna to go for it! He was hot, she was hot, what more do you need!

                However, I noticed Millie wasn’t really paying attention and was gazing whistfully out of the window behind me. “What’s up Mills?” I asked. “Oh nothing” she replied, snapping out of her daydream. But I knew her better than that and span round to see what she had been looking at.

                Hannah was sat on the bench outside, her tongue stuck down Louis Tomlinson’s throat. “Oh Millie” I sighed. She looked down and blushed. Millie had liked Louis for ages. They were good friends and he used to hang out with us all the time. I could have sworn there was a point where they had almost got together but just then, he started seeing that total cow Hannah. I had no idea what he saw in her. Millie was so much nicer and a hell of a lot prettier. And she and Louis were just made for each other. Why were boys so oblivious?

                “Millie, I swear one day he will realise what an absolute idiot he has been” I assured her. “He’s not an idiot” she sighed, staring again. She never saw the bad side of anybody.

                The bell went, too soon for my liking, and interrupted our quiet chat. I gave her a hug and once again told her not to worry before half-heartedly walking to my next lesson, dreading the boredom that no doubt awaited me…

                The rest of the day passed in an uneventful blur. Lessons consisted of the usual back-to-school stuff: new books, talks about our exams etc. When the final bell rang, I felt so relieved. I walked out of English, my thoughts back on Niall who had once again strolled back into back into my head. I had just been caught in the memory of hugging him when I suddenly realised I had left my coat in the classroom.

                “Damn” I uttered before turning on my heels and making my way back to English. I rounded the corner and stopped dead in my tracks, my eyes wide. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw or how it made me feel…



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