Too Close ~ (One Direction Not Famous)

Sophie and Niall have been best friends for years. But at the start of year 11, Sophie sees something different in him. Not only must Sophie cope with her own runaway feelings but she also has to try to keep up with the crazy lives of her other friends.

Will anything ever be simple?


1. Something New


I forced my eyes open and was immediately blinded by the ridiculously bright sunlight streaming in through my window. Well at least the weather was nice. My eyes wandered around my familiar, untidy bedroom, painted baby pink when I was 7, a decision I now regretted. The light shone in and through my lampshade creating pretty patterns on my wardrobe doors. I sighed. Knowing that I couldn't put it off any longer, I slowly sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

                Still half asleep I dragged myself over to the wardrobe and pulled the doors open. It wasn't hard to find what I was looking for. With a groan I selected one of my multiple white shirts and grabbed my grey skirt. I then pulled on of the incredibly unattractive and shapeless navy jumpers from my drawers and found my blue and red striped tie which was buried underneath a pile of magazines.

                It was the first day of year 11. After 6 weeks of relaxation I was once again being forced into 5 days of slow death a week. On the plus side, I would get to catch up with the girls and, of course, Niall. Niall had been my best friend since year 5 when some boys had been picking on me in the playground and he had stood up for me. We had been pretty much inseparable ever since. At least we had been until this summer when his family had spent the holidays in their hometown in Ireland. I missed him. A LOT. Sure, I had my girlies to gossip with but they don’t hug me the way Niall does and for some reason, no one managed to make me laugh as much as him. Maybe it was his infectious smile, his cheeky laugh or perhaps it was the way he found absolutely EVERYTHING amazing.

                The thought of seeing him again made me smile as I got dressed and wolfed down some toast before rushing upstairs to try and make myself presentable. Just as I was putting on some mascara, my phone buzzed causing me to jump and jab myself in the eye. Clutching my streaming eye, I picked up my phone to see who had texted me. It was Alice:


-AHHH can’t wait to see you! Got some news ;) xxxxx

I grinned at the prospect of being reunited with my crazy friends. And Alice was so lovely – she always seemed so happy! I was desperate to know what her news was but didn’t bother replying, I would see her again in an hour. I checked my reflection in the mirror. Deciding I looked acceptable enough, I donned my coat and headed for the door.

                “Bye Mum!” I yelled. “See ya Soph” she called back, mouth full of breakfast. I wrenched open the door and was pierced by the bitterly cold air. I guess summer was definitely over.  I instinctively pulled my coat tighter around me, glancing up to see a blonde boy perched on my wall, smiling at me.


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