Too Close ~ (One Direction Not Famous)

Sophie and Niall have been best friends for years. But at the start of year 11, Sophie sees something different in him. Not only must Sophie cope with her own runaway feelings but she also has to try to keep up with the crazy lives of her other friends.

Will anything ever be simple?


8. Said It All


“Sorry I’m late Mr. Allen” I stuttered as I stumbled into tutor the next morning. Just as I expected, the whole room went silent and every single pair of eyes gazed (or glared in Hannah and Katie’s case) at me. “And where have you been Sophie?” asked Mr. Allen, looking at me as if I were some dirt on his shoe. “Err… I overslept” I mumbled. “Well may I suggest that you invest in an alarm clock. Do you have a note to explain your absence yesterday?” Damn! I knew I had forgotten something. “No sir, sorry” I said, staring at my feet. “You need to get your act together young lady. But as it is the first week back, I will overlook your disorganisation. Now go and take your seat”.

                By this time, everyone had resumed their conversation, I wasn’t interesting anymore. Suddenly I remembered that sir must’ve done the seating plan yesterday. I looked around the room, looking for the empty seat that must belong to me, hoping it wasn’t next to someone who a) smells, b) spits when they talk or c) scares me. I chuckled to myself when I saw Hannah had been sat next to Andrew who was all of the above. And she didn’t exactly look thrilled by it! There was also Alice and Liam who were sat in one corner, laughing away. They looked so cute sat there holding hands!

                Harry and Anna were also sat together – an arrangement that pleased both of them if the flirtation levels were anything to judge by! A flicker of movement came from behind them, catching my eye. It was George, a boy I vaguely knew from various classes over the years. He waved and pointed at the seat next to him. I smiled gratefully before strolling over and chucking my bags down under the table. “Hey” he said, grinning cheekily. “Hiya” I said back, giggling slightly. George was cute, I guess. He had dark brown hair which was short at the sides and swept across his face. Is eyes were a dark blue and his cheeks had a slight red flush. He also had one of those infectious grins.

                He opened his mouth to continue but was interrupted by Anna who had torn herself away from Harry. “Soph why are you late? Are you okay?” she asked, sounding concerned. “I just overslept, like I said” she replied with a look that clearly said she didn’t believe me. “I will talk to you later” I sighed, not really wanting to go into it in front of George and Harry who were laughing about something as me and Anna spoke. “Break?” she asked. “Break” I agreed. This response seemed to satisfy her and she turned back around in her seat to reclaim Harry’s attention,

                Rolling my eyes jokingly at this, I turned to face George. He was smirking at me. “What?” I asked, laughing. “Nothing, nothing” he assured me. We spent the rest of tutor talking and laughing about a load of random stuff and found out that we actually had a lot in common. I began to wonder why we had never really spoken before. Eventually however, the bell rang so I said my goodbyes and headed to my first lesson science, a genuine smile on my face for the first time in a while.

                Science, as usual, bored me to death, so I spent the lesson considering hat to tell Anna. If I told her the truth about this morning, I would have to fill her in on everything and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to.

                Let me fill you in. As you may have guessed, I hadn’t slept in. I never do. The problem was Niall. We always walked to school together and, although I had decided to face my problems, I hadn’t meant at that time of the morning. But it had totally slipped my mind that he would be there, waiting. So when I saw him sat there, I panicked and sent him a text saying I would be late and he should go without me. I watched through my curtains as he got out his phone, read the text and, with a little disappointment on his face, headed off down the road. This put me in higher spirits until I realised I would have to actually be late to make the excuse believable. I HATE being late so you can imagine how painful being late on purpose was. I paced up and down my room, re-packed my bag a few times and re-did my hair twice before I deemed it safe to leave.

                So that is why I was late and why I now had to decide whether or not to tell Anna. I sighed as the realisation hit me. I had to tell her. She could read me so easily and I knew she would be upset if I didn’t tell her.

                The rest of the morning passed and before I knew it, it was break. I reluctantly walked towards the canteen, anticipating the Anna-ambush I was about to endure. Right on cue, I heard Anna calling my name. I sun round to see her eager face heading in my direction…

                “So are you gonna tell me why you were really late?” here we go.

Twenty minutes later, after a lot of blushing and stuttering, I finished filling her in. I had given her the whole story, unabridged. We were sat on the bench in the courtyard. I looked up at her waiting for a response. Her mouth hung open and her eyebrows were knitted together. “Oh Soph!” she finally responded, pulling me into a hug. “What are you gonna do?” she asked.

                “Well I figure I would just leave it. What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him right?”

“I guess…” she replied, sounding uncertain.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s just… well… if it were me, I would want to know…” she trailed off, anxious for my reaction. For a second, I imagined telling Niall, him having an epiphany and realising he was in love with me and had been all along….

                I snapped out of it. I was being ridiculous. “No” I sighed. “I have made up my mind and I am going to stick to it” I told Anna. Just then the bell went. Anna and I stood up and hugged again. Just before we left for our separate lessons, Anna said “Just so you know, whatever you do, I am here for you”. I shot her a grateful smile and turned to go to English.

                As I squeezed my way through the packed corridors, my conversation with Anna played on my mind… If I were Niall, would I want to know? What if he did feel the same?

                With so much on my mind, I wasn’t really looking where I was going so it was only a matter of time before I walked into someone. That someone just happened to be the very person on my mind. “Niall!” I cried, surprised. “Watch where you’re going you eejit” he said, emphasising his Irish accent with a cheeky grin. He laughed and hugged me. I hugged him back, inhaling his heavenly scent…

                “We have so much to catch up on!” he said, walking along with his arm around me. “I have been gone a day! But you can walk me to English if you like?” I hinted. “Do I have to” he whined. “Yes” was my blunt reply. It was so easy to relax around him. He laughed.

                “So I was hoping you would come with me to meet Gemma today”. Great. Every time things began to return to normal, he would ruin it by bringing up Gemma. “Yeah sure” I replied, trying to sound as excited as possible. By now, we had reached my English classroom and were stood facing each other. “Look I gotta go” he said, glancing anxiously at his watch. “Love ya!” he said as he left.

                “Love you too” I whispered. If only he knew how much.

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