Too Close ~ (One Direction Not Famous)

Sophie and Niall have been best friends for years. But at the start of year 11, Sophie sees something different in him. Not only must Sophie cope with her own runaway feelings but she also has to try to keep up with the crazy lives of her other friends.

Will anything ever be simple?


14. Ordinary Fool


The look on Niall’s face was absolutely priceless!! His eyes bulged, his mouth was open and he stumbled backwards in shock. Unfortunately, someone had left their shoes in the middle of the hallway, directly behind where Niall was stood so, as he moved backwards, he tripped and landed on his bum with a loud “Gah!”.

                Everyone burst out laughing, Louis was rolling around on the floor he was laughing so much Zayn offered him a hand up whilst wiping tears of laughter from his own eyes. Luckily, Niall himself found it funny and was giggling as only he could at top volume. Clutching his side, he finally managed to stand, with a little assistance from Louis and Harry. Harry and George had both gone over to greet Niall during his laughing fit.

                “LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED” yelled someone from the living room. The music started up again, so loud that the house seemed to shake. Everyone trickled off to resume whatever they were doing beforehand. Just a few of us remained in the hall with Niall, who was still grinning madly.

                “Yo bro!” I called, walking over to him. “Hey there you stunner!” he winked. I blushed at the compliment. This dress was getting me a fair bit of attention… “Happy birthday! I would’ve got you a prezzie but I didn’t think you were really worth it” I said with a completely straight face. He pretended to start crying so I laughed and handed him his card. “It’s in there” I told him, bursting with anticipation for him to open it. “Thanks” he said, hugging me tightly. He was just about to rip it open when there was suddenly a high pitched squeal of “NIALLY BABY!” and a figure jumped in-between me and Niall completely, cutting me off from him. “Gemma!” he laughed, picking her up and spinning her round. Well I guess that was the end of mine and Niall’s ‘quality time’ for the night.

                They began making out and I had a flashback to that day in the English corridor… Nope. Tonight was supposed to be a night for fun with my friends and nothing, not even Niall and Gemma, would ruin that. Still, it was beginning to grate on my nerves how he would drop anything for her. We were his friends too.

                What I needed was a distraction so I looked around for someone to go and talk to. Louis, Harry and George were laughing about something at one end of the hall and I could hear Zayn and Lucy’s voices coming from the living room. I wasn’t in the mood for laddish banter or third wheeling so I walked over to Anna and Millie who were giggling in the kitchen. As I arrived they thrust yet another shot in my face. I wasn’t usually one for drinking, I could have more than enough fun sober thank you very much. But tonight, the image of Niall and Gemma seemed to be engraved on my brain and I would’ve done anything to try and forget it. “Wooo Sophie is gonna get drunkkkk” sang Anna. She was a massive party animal. I rolled my eyes, pouring myself another Malibu and Coke. “Let’s go dance!” said Millie, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the living room. As we went through the hallway, Harry threw a bottle top at Anna who turned and threw it straight back laughing. Millie yanked her back around to go to the living room so Anna waved to him quickly over her shoulder. I saw him wink in return. I looked at Anna, eyebrows raised. “What?” she asked indignantly.  “Oh come one! You and Harry can hardly get enough of each other” I laughed. She blushed, not even bothering to try and cover it up. I knew her too well.

                 We then began to dance, pretty wildly. Before too long, me, Anna, Millie and most of the people at the party were singing along at the top of our voices. I really did pity Louis’ neighbours. The alcohol had definitely set in and I felt my inhibitions slowly melt away. I knew my limit though, there was no way I would be drinking myself into oblivion any time soon. And besides, Alice’s mum was picking us up and didn’t think she would really appreciate a car full of girls who were completely out of it.

                Dancing was pretty tiring so it wasn’t long before Anna and I retired to the sofas. We collapsed down next to Liam who had Alice on his lap.  “So where did you get to?” I asked Alice, knowingly. “Nowhere” said Alice, avoiding eye contact. Anna laughed at Alice’s shyness before turning to me and saying “Soph! I really need to pee. Come guard the door?” “I don’t think that’s really necessary” I laughed. “Please?” she pleaded, turning on the puppy-dog eyes. “Fine! See ya later guys” I said to Alice and Liam had started making out. Me and Anna giggled and continued to do so all the way up the stairs and across the landing. “Wait here! I won’t be a minute” she said, opening the door and stopping dead. Katie was stood, draped over some guy who was perched on the edge of the bath, her lips crushed to his. Except this wasn’t just some guy, it was Harry.

                Anna let out a small squeak, causing Harry’s head to snap up and all the colour to drain from his face. “Anna…” he started, pain in his voice, but she just turned and ran down the stairs. As she passed me, a single tear rolled down her cheek. I didn’t know what to do or say. Katie was still hung round Harry’s neck, trying to resume their ‘session’. He however, wasn’t having it. “Just get off me” he said, shoving her off him. Shock crossed Katie’s face until she fell in the bath giggling. Clearly, she was absent the day they handed out self-respect.

                “I need to talk to Anna!” said Harry, closing the door as he pushed past me. “No” I told him, grabbing his arm to stop him making things worse. “I will talk to her first. Trust me, she won’t want to see you right now. And anyway, you need to think carefully about what to say to her because believe me, you have a lot of explaining to do!” I snapped. He looked at the ground, breathing deeply. “She really liked you, Harry. Why would you do that?” I asked my voice slightly softer this time. “Ugh I don’t know! She kissed me…” “You didn’t look like you were complaining” I snorted. “I know. UGH! Why am I such an idiot!” he cursed, kicking the wall. “Sophie, I really like Anna” he said, sadness in his eyes. “Well, you have a funny way of showing it” I said. I believed him, I really did but I still had to stick up for my friend. “Look” I said, sighing “You need to tell her what you just told me. I can’t promise you she’ll forgive you but you owe her that” I said. “Thanks Soph” he said gratefully. “I am doing this for her” I said before walking away to look for Anna.

                Eventually, I found her. She was sat on the wall in front of Louis’ house. As I approached, I could hear her sniffing. I hated it when Anna got upset. She was always so happy and cheery; it took something fairly huge to reduce her to tears. I sat down beside her, shivering in the cold wind.

                “Anna?” I said my voice low. “Anna, are you okay?”. Stupid question, I know. She clearly was not ok but talking to upset friends is never easy. “I thought he liked me” she sobbed. “He does” I said, putting an arm around her. “Then why was he kissing that slag!?” she cried. I sighed; this was not going to be easy. “He regretted it the moment he realised what he had done” I tried. “Then he shouldn’t have done it in the first place” she sighed, shaking her head. “I know. He’s a dick” I said, giving up. Sometimes you just need someone to agree with you. “But please, come inside, it’s bloody freezing out here!” this got a little bit of a laugh from her. She stood up reluctantly and I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house.

                “Are my eyes red?” she asked, combing through her hair with her hands and trying to make herself look as though nothing had happened. “You look fine!” I said. It was true. I looked like I had barely survived a plane crash when I cried, she looked like a model. We walked back into the living room. There were a fair few couples now, dotted around the room and there were still a load of people dancing in the middle. We made our way over to our friends who had congregated in a circle in one corner. They all glanced at Anna, then at me. I shook my head subtly, telling them to leave it.

                Thankfully, they all understood and we were greeted with a “Hey! We wondered where you two had got to”. Anna went and silently sat down next to Millie, just staring into space. I felt terrible- whenever she was down, so was I.

                I looked around for a nice me-sized space to park myself.  I saw George pat the space next to him. Gratefully, I took my place beside him, losing my balance a little as I sat down. Luckily, George was there to catch me, but not without a cheeky remark about me being drunk. That earned him a shove and he ended up lying on the floor. Everyone laughed as he pushed himself back up to a sitting position. He held his beer towards me and I hesitated before taking it. I could feel the soberness creeping back and after what had happened so far tonight, I just wanted to try and enjoy the rest of the party.

                A few minutes later, we were all talking and laughing about everyones most embarrassing moments when suddenly, the music cut. The whole room swivelled round to see who had stopped the music, a few booing as they had been enjoying the tune. A familiar curly haired boy stepped up onto the coffee table which had been shoved up against a wall to create the dance floor. My eyes shot to Anna but she was completely unaware of the guy who was clearing his throat to speak.

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