Too Close ~ (One Direction Not Famous)

Sophie and Niall have been best friends for years. But at the start of year 11, Sophie sees something different in him. Not only must Sophie cope with her own runaway feelings but she also has to try to keep up with the crazy lives of her other friends.

Will anything ever be simple?


6. Is This Love?


I awoke to see the sun beginning to set. A glance at the clock told me it was already 6, I had slept for pretty much 2 hours! I had been back at school for one day and already I was shattered. That didn’t bode well. I could hear my mum banging around in the kitchen downstairs and decided I should probably go have the “How was school today?” chat. When I got to the door I glanced in the mirror and groaned.

                I had huge mascara smudges down my cheeks, my eyes were red and puffy and my hair was matted. Not exactly the picture of beauty. On the plus side, if you could call that, I had no more tears left. I had definitely run out by now. Unfortunately, seeing Niall and Gemma together had forced me to face up to my feelings… they were definitely more serious than I had first thought. A new wave of sadness hit me as I once again re-visited the image of Niall and Gemma in the English corridor.

                My phone buzzed, snapping me out of my trance I reluctantly picked up my phone, dreading what I might find. There were 3 messages, one from Anna, one from an unknown and one from (uh oh) Niall. I decided to go for the unknown first:

                -Hey Sophie! It’s Harry from your tutor. Anna gave me your number :) it was nice meeting you today xx

That cheered me up a little. I saved the number before replying:

                -Hey Harry :) it was nice to meet you too xx

Short but sweet. The next one I checked was the one from Anna:

                -Are you okay? Someone said you were crying D: BTW Harry asked me for my number :D x

I replied to this one too, Anna could get pretty impatient!

                -I am fine now, talk tomorrow. And as for Haz, congrats!! You are deffo in there ;) x

After that had sent, I took a deep breath. I wanted to be sure Niall’s text didn’t reduce me to tears:

                -Yo Soph! Are you alright? Seemed a little weird earlier :P Sorry about what you saw. I was gonna tell you about Gem being my GF but never got the chance. Was hoping you guys would meet in slightly less awkward circumstances! See ya tomorrow :) xxxxxxxxx

My heart sunk even lower when I read this. So they were officially together and not just snog-buddies. And I had been angry at Niall for not telling me when he had actually tried earlier on that day. A mixture of guilt, sadness and loneliness engulfed me. I had three choices.

1.       I tell Niall how I feel and hope things don’t get weird.

Well that was never gonna happen. I definitely didn’t have the guts and, as much as it pains me to say it, if he was happy with Gemma then I had no right to tell him something that could ruin that.

2.       Ignore Niall completely.

Unrealistic. How on Earth could I ignore Niall? I needed him, even if it were just as a friend. So that left me with:

3.       Just grin and bear it and carry on as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

I had no idea how to do that.

                I was just considering how I was going to hide something this big from my best friend who could read me like a book when my mum called me. I sighed and headed downstairs.

                “Woah are you alright?” she asked. So I am guessing I still looked crappy.

“I’m fine” I replied, running my fingers through my knotted hair to try and tame my appearance.

“O-K” she said, unconvinced. “Dinner will be ready soon”.

                I slumped through to the living room to see if anything good was on TV to kill the time. I settled with an episode of Big Bang theory and hugged my knees as I sat on the sofa.

                By the time dinner was finished, my mood was improved somewhat. I cleared away, went back upstairs and logged on to Facebook. I scrolled through the endless pointless posts before realising I had a friend request. It was from Harry. I smiled to myself as I accepted. I could tell Harry was fast becoming a member of our group.

                I clicked back on my homepage and was greeted with “Niall Horan is in a relationship with Gemma Reilly”. The tears immediately pricked my eyes so I shut my laptop quickly, not even logging off, stared at my wall, trying to fight the overwhelming urge to break down. Every time I began to feel as if I could cope, something would remind me that the Niall would never fell the same way I do.

                I let the tears cascade down my cheeks as I climbed in to bed and curled up into a ball. For the second time that day, I cried myself to sleep.

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