My life in One Direction

About a girl and her friend and obviously One Direction Claire (the main character) Does not like one direction at all or any boy band for the matter. Hope, her friend LOVES One direction. Especially Niall her absolute favorite! Niall is Hopes 'Irish cupcake'. Will Claire see that this boy band is not like the others? Will she fall in love? Will you read this?


3. Trip!

OH MY GLOB Hope won the 'Meet One Direction' contest I wonder if she knows.

                                           Hope showed up at my house "Ready?" "Yeah, where are we going?" I asked she just acted like I wasn't there. Nice. She smiled devilishly. Now I'm scared. I got tired so I took a nap.


When I woke up I was on a plane next to a big fat guy I screamed and a flight attendant came back to where I was "Is everything okay back here?" "This crazy girl screamed for no reason....." the fat man said he also mumbled something but I couldn't hear him "Where am I going to where is this plane taking me?" I asked my heart was pounding. "You're on a plane to New York don't you remember getting on board?" the flight attendant asked me "I was asleep in my friends car." "Oh you're that girl that was carried on your friend is right here." Hope leaned over she was on the other side of the fat guy. "Hey." Hope said I felt so embarrassed

When we got to New York Hope made me follow her to a limo I never dreamed of being in a limo. "Where are we going?" I kept asking Hope all she did was sit and drink her cola. Come on are you going to kill me just tell me already!

We got to a big building. Not big but HUMUNGOUS it was a tall building. A guy in a suit led us to a room with 5 boys. Hope was just freaking out well sort of she was pulling on my arm. "Hello!" One of the guys said he had curly hair I have to say he's kinda cute.... Who am I kidding they all are REALLY cute! "Hello Harry." Hope said wide eyed. Um stalkerish much? "How do you know his name?" I asked "You don't know who we are?" a guy with black hair asked "uhh-" I started to say "BOYS YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!" one of the guys screamed "I'm Harry." and he gave me a wink "I'm Liam." "I'm Zayn" "I'm Niall." "AND I'M JENNIFER!"  "And we're One direction!" I rolled my eyes and turned around but Hope grabbed me before I can go out the door "C'mon give them a chance please?" she mouthed "ughh Fine..... I'm Claire, And that's Hope." I said Harry came over towards me "That's a beautiful name." He gave me a cheeky smile. He is so cute! I mean i could be less interested. What am I saying no I can't he's so adorable! I love his dimples and his hair! He's perfect.

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