My life in One Direction

About a girl and her friend and obviously One Direction Claire (the main character) Does not like one direction at all or any boy band for the matter. Hope, her friend LOVES One direction. Especially Niall her absolute favorite! Niall is Hopes 'Irish cupcake'. Will Claire see that this boy band is not like the others? Will she fall in love? Will you read this?


2. The story begins...

It's the beginning of summer and it's raining. Nice. Hope is coming to pick me up in a hour for work I work at a grocery store little pay but I save some to get the cell phone and the roof over my head to keep me safe. I'm already ready for work. So i just sit here waiting.

                                    I heard a car pull up in my driveway it was Hope. I hopped in the car "Hey!" she said with a big smile she always had a big, bright, beautiful smile "Hey!" I replied. "Want to listen to the radio?" Hope asked reaching for the radio " sure." she turned on the radio and put on a CD a song came on. It went 'You're insecure don't know what for' "Who sings this?" I asked " If I told you you wont like it." she replied "Is it one direction?" I said rolling my eyes and crossing my arms. "Yeah.... why don't you like them?" she asked "Because all boy bands are the same stuck up and don't really care about the fans..." she got an aggravated look "Get out now." I got out and walked the rest of the way to work. In the rain. Perfect.


                                                     When I got home I got a text from Hope 'Pack your bags we're going somewhere I'll be there in 5. :)' Wow I thought she was mad at me. Guess not . ' Okay c u soon. :)' I replied I got done packing and sat down to watch T.V. a One Direction commercial came on about a contest. 'The winner is......' OH MY GLOB

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