My life in One Direction

About a girl and her friend and obviously One Direction Claire (the main character) Does not like one direction at all or any boy band for the matter. Hope, her friend LOVES One direction. Especially Niall her absolute favorite! Niall is Hopes 'Irish cupcake'. Will Claire see that this boy band is not like the others? Will she fall in love? Will you read this?


5. Drama

"I- Uhhh..." I started to say "I'll think about it." I blurted out I walked away quickly I feel horrible.

 "Hope!" I screamed. "What?" "Harry, Harry.." I lost my breath "Harry what?" "Harry asked me to be his girlfriend." I said catching my breath "WHAT?!?!?! OH MY GLOB AHHH WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Hope screamed. "I said I'll think about it." "You're an idiot." she slapped my arm. "OUCH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" "Why did you say I don't know say yes!!!" Hope said "Okay I will." I said turning away to go find Harry "WHAT? I KNEW IT YOU LIKED HARRY!!" Louis screamed " SHUT UP!!" I screamed back "Harryyyyyyyyy!!!!!" Louis started to run to find Harry I ran after him. "Noooo!" I tackled him and Harry saw "What Lo-" He started to say there was a tear rolling down his face. "Harry," I started to say "No, just - just leave me alone." He ran to his room "Harry wait!" I screamed "Oh no..." Louis said "No it's not your fault." I put my hand on his shoulder "I ruined it for you and Harry yes it is." I can see in Louis's eyes he was really sad. "Louis, no it's not I'll talk to him." "Okay." Louis said

I went to Harry's room "Harry?" I said "What, shouldn't you be with Louis?" He said I can tell he's really sad like someone just died and I think that someone was me I felt like I died inside. "I-" "Just get out" Harry said turning over pointing at the door "But-" "GET. OUT!" He screamed. I can feel the tears as they start to roll down my face I walked out I can see Harry was hurt.

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