My life in One Direction

About a girl and her friend and obviously One Direction Claire (the main character) Does not like one direction at all or any boy band for the matter. Hope, her friend LOVES One direction. Especially Niall her absolute favorite! Niall is Hopes 'Irish cupcake'. Will Claire see that this boy band is not like the others? Will she fall in love? Will you read this?


1. Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Hi my name is Clarie and I am from England. My friend is glad she's from England, because of this stupid Boy band one direction. Her name is Hope Charles. She wants me to become this thing called a 'Directioner' what's that? Is it like 'Swifty' 'beliber'? Strange. Anyways, let me tell you a little about me

1. I DON'T like boy bands they're stuck up boys who think they're so cool because of the fame, fortune, and the girls they can get wrapped around their fingers. That's why I don't like boy bands

2. I'm 17 and a new senior and I'm living by myself ever since I was 5. Yes, that is young but I got a job I sang on the side of the road and I made an acceptable amount of money. The reason I am living by myself is because my mom killed herself when I was 5 because, she was 17 when I was born I am originally from America but my mom mover here so she wont have to get abused by her dad with my in her stomach. And my dad I never want to see him in my entire life I hate him mom cried every night because of him he left her for some slut

3. I had a little brother named James but he died... well he got kidnapped  but it was 15 years ago so I'm just guessing here. I loved him  he was so sweet. So much for my happy ending? But my life will go on as suckish as it is.

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