Supernatural Sisters

The sisters Alison (17) and Macy Gordon (16) are inseperable. They were raised together by their foster parents, after their birth parents died from a car accident when Alison was 3 and Macy 2 years old.

But when Alison dies from a similar accident as her parents, she mysteriously comes back to life as a vampire. Finding this out turns Alison's and Macy's lives completely upside down, and soon the two sisters start to discover more and more things they would've never known if Alison didn't "die" that day. Alison and Macy find out that they're in fact not real sisters and don't come from the same family, and that neither of their parents died from a car accident. Alison also finds out that her family is related from the original vampires, which makes her not a full vampire and ensured that she'd become a vampire if she ever died, and Macy also seems to have strange abilities.

Before they even realize, the sisters are stuck between the worlds of the humans and the supernaturals.


2. Waking up


"...yes, Mr. Gordon, we'll take full care of this..." "'s our job..." "...wake up soon.." I heard sounds. Slowly I woke up and with hard work my eyes went open. I was laying in a bed in an empty, white room. When I looked a little better, I saw Jay and Jessica were sitting on my bed. Jessica was crying. Suddenly it all came back to me: right. The car accident... "Mom, dad, I..." Wow. My voice sounded really weird. "Macy!," Jessica shouted. "Macy, oh Macy! You're awake!" The tears streamed down her face. "Mom? Where am I? What happened? Why are you crying?" Since Jessica was crying so loudly and not capable of answering, Jay gave me answer. "You're in the hospital, Macy," he said. "You were in a coma for three days. We thought you didn't make it, but thank god you're okay..." If everything was okay, then why was Jessica crying? "What's wrong with mom?," I asked. "Oh, it's nothing...," Jerry said, but I could see that was a lie. "I'm not stupid, dad! Something's wrong!," I yelled at him. "Why won't you tell me? And were is Alison...?" Jessica now started to cry even louder. "Oh no! This has something to do with Alison, doesn't it?," I said. "I got nothing besides a few bruises, but I bet Alison came out of it worse than me! Tell me, how bad is it?" "Macy, please, you don't understand...," Jay began. "I'm pretty sure I can!," I yelled at him, mad cause he wouldn't tell me. "What does she have? A broken arm? A twisted ankle?" Jay sighed. "I'm sorry, Macy," he said. Now he got tears in his eyes, too. "Alison did not survive." From that moment it seemed like the whole world suddenly stopped. Nothing seemed to be important anymore. Alison dead? No. That was not possible! "No!," I screamed. "That's not true! You're not telling me the truth!" "It's the truth, Macy," Jay said. "I'm so sorry..." "Stop lying to me!," I shouted. I pulled my blanket of and I ran out of the hospital room. I didn't even notice I was wearing pyjamas, but if I did I probably wouldn't care anyway. I ran down six staircases, until I made it to the door. It was extremely cold outside, but I didn't care. All I cared about was going home. I talked myself into seeing Alison on the couch watching tv when I would arrive at home. Luckily, our house was only two blocks away from the hospital.

But when I came home, Alison wasn't there. She was nowhere to be found. I noticed a moldy sandwich on the table in the living room and realized Jay and Jessica had probably spent the last three days in the hospital. I ran upstairs the fastest I'd ever ran in my life, but I stopped before the door of Alison's room. Slowly I opened the door. All of her stuff was still there. I picked up a sweater from Alison's chair and spread my arms around it. I sniffed the warm smell of soap and started crying, realizing that Alison was really gone. I put the sweater on the bed, because I didn't want teardrops on it. "Oh Alli," I cried. "Why does it have to be you...?"
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